Blender 3D Animation and Design class


Ever wanted to learn 3D animation and design? Come join the Blender class every Sunday from 1pm-3pm @ Noisebridge where you will be guided through a curriculum of animation basics to help you become a 3D creator. See full class details on Meetup.

---- DON’T PANIC! ----
You do not need to own a fancy laptop/computer to start. Because of recent breakthroughs, any computer with a decent CPU and latest WIN/MAC/LINUX OS can render high quality images, so join in, and become a creator of your own universe.

---- What to bring ----

  • Laptop with updated OS
  • Laptop charger
  • Mouse that has a mouse wheel (preferred. Will increase your workflow speed)
  • Hard drive (if laptop has limited memory. P.s. Blender is light at 200mb-500mb)
  • Notepad to take down notes (Can be taken on any device)
  • Reference photos of things you would want to make (Download PureRef to organize ref photos)
  • Downloaded and installed the latest Blender version from (Optional. Will save time for the class)

---- About Blender ----
Blender is a free and open-source software that has been making 3D creation accessible for more than two decades. Recent updates to Blender has made it a serious competitor to industry standard software, making it the preferred software for many upcoming indie artists and studios.

---- Curriculum ----
Blender curriculum includes but is not limited to:

  • Blender animation pipeline
  • Modeling
  • Shading
  • Key framing
  • Rendering and Compositing
  • Physics simulations
  • Sculpting

Due to the complexity of animation software, classes will be conducted thematically, exploring one or all aspects of the curriculum at different levels of expertise for the project.

---- Timing ----
Weekly event, every Sunday.
1pm - 3pm: Guided exploration of Blender by the instructor
3pm - 4pm: Experiential learning through self-guided project (optional)

---- Cost ----
No One Will Be Turned Away For Lack Of Funds. The class is a free class with donations highly encouraged for infrastructure, maintenance, related community projects and the instructor’s time.

---- Covid Policy ----
Masks are mandatory indoors. COVID Delta variant is spiking. To avoid another lockdown, it is preferred that visitors maintain social distance, sanitize surfaces before and use and are vaccinated. Please contact the instructor in advance if special accommodations are needed.

---- Online streaming support ----
Online streaming support is currently under works and is not available for the current class. Please check again later for another class.

---- Animation and Design community -----
Join #Animation-Design on the Noisebridge Slack channel to get connected.

Continues the discussion from In-person Blender 3D Animation Classes @ Noisebridge (Sunday afternoon weekly). See MeetUp for full details.

looks great, thanks for hosting!

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Here at Noisebridge but no one has a key !

( I do not have key at moment, but hopefully this week for philanthropist orientation.)

Class in 10 minutes !

I’ll come over in 10 to open the door!

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@rayyan Id super love to attend this class if you ever make it available via video streaming.
(For my own safety I cannot attend social events during the Covid pandemic.)
Ive been learning a bit of 3D modeling with FreeCAD and would love to learn me some blender :slight_smile: