BIOS Flashing Help

Greetings, hackers. I’m curious as to whether anyone in the space has experience flashing coreboot (and neutralizing the Intel ME) and would be willing to host a class on it or help me 1-on-1.

I found an old ThinkPad in my building’s electronic waste pile, and installed Debian alongside an open hardware WiFi module. The BIOS is the last (reasonable) piece of the puzzle in fully ‘liberating’ the laptop with free and open-source software. Unfortunately, while Minifree was able to flash osboot (a libreboot fork compatible with the T430s) onto a newly soldered BIOS chip, the laptop now power cycles and turns off every 10–15 minutes. Rather than waiting for an osboot patch, I’d like to install the coreboot release.

I have copper wires and a Raspberry Pi available for flashing, but need an SOIC8 clamp. If the space doesn’t have one, I’m happy to order it and donate it. Cheers!

Sorry I don’t have any helpful input here, but had never heard of an SOIC8 clip before. What a cool connector!

I donated this to the space in 2018 in a mason jar along with an old thinkpad. I imagine it’s no longer in the space but you might get lucky and find it.

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