Bike Party Lights Party

I think it was in October 2016 that I last did a workshop series on programming LED strips for bikes then we all went off to bike parties.

I’m interested in doing such a workshop again this year, followed by all of us going out to East Bay Bike Party. I’ll be doing it with Teensys again since they’re so easy to hack on for newbies, but this year I won’t be able to afford to buy all the supplies on my own.

Let’s say, May? That’s right after the gala so I’d have the headspace to actually get this done, and it won’t be as fucking cold as it is today.


You can get arduino nano (clones) from 2-4 bucks per, including the USB cable, from alibaba. Teensy are like like 3-10ish per?

How many do you want?

Yaaaaas let’s make this happen! I remember wanting to attend the LED bike party last time it was scheduled.

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I’ve looked everywhere for cheap teensies. doesnt exist. apparently the teensy loader sniffs out fakes. they are expensive everywhere.

sorry but I can’t seem to find a better deal. I can find an equivalent soic like esp32 for supper cheap.

$13.95 is an okay price. I think we have bulk purchasing abilities from Adafruit that could make it cheaper?

Yeah, I think we still get their Hackerspace discount, based on the fact that this page still exists

Can someone email them and double check? If so, we could put together an actual big bulk order for more than just bike lights. I’m certain others would want to get in on it.

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Looks like Adafruit will give a 10% discount to educators (which we are, and if that doesn’t fit their criteria, I gotchu) on top of the quantity discount.

What seems to be better, however is indeed their hackerspace discount:

For most of our catalog, if distributors order items in quantities of 50 or more, your discount goes up to 30%.

They do have criteria we need to meet:

If you are applying to become a hackerspace/makerspace:
Are you able to send photographs and location of your space?

I just applied for their hackerspace discount account - will update here when I receive a response.

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I’m 99% certain we already have this.

Awesome! How can we access it?

An excellent question! I don’t know. I think it asks at ordering time, but emailing them would also give a solid answer.

Okay, I signed up under the email & username & noisebridge.

If someone happens to know how to access a hackerspace discount account we currently have with Adafruit, please let it be known. The account I just used to apply can be a fallback; I have no idea how long it takes for Adafruit to approve this.


Any movement?

I’ve sent off the signed Adafruit reseller terms & conditions document - just waiting to hear back for approval, which should hopefully be this week.


OMG. Adafruit likes us! They really like us!

We should have hackerspace discounts when we make purchases now.
Bonus banner displayed upon login:



Alright, what do we need to purchase to make these bikes :star2: sparkle​:sparkles:?

Also, would it be cool if I invited my burning man village to join in?


you can also try contacting Paul Stoffregen. I don’t know if he knows noisebridge but I’ve seen him give away teensy LC’s at parties

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A dozen will last two or three workshops. I also need a whole bunch of WS2812B or Neopixel strips. Everything else I have already in my toolbox at NB.