Bike Party Lights Party - May!

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Lets do this. Saturday May 4th, starting at 3:00pm. Please RSVP to this thread if you

  1. want to put lights on your bike
  2. can also come along for the May 10th 8pm East Bay Bike Party

The second one is optional, I guess. But the whole point of this is to get ready for bike party by installing lights, programming them, doing cool shit with sensors, etc.

I’ll also coordinate a separate bike party prep+meetup for the 10th; we’ll leave Noisebridge around 7pm and meet up at EBBP for the 8pm rollout. The route won’t be released until the day of the ride, so I’ll know more about exact travel times from NB to the party then.

If you’d like to get in on a bulk order of WS2812B (aka Neopixel) strips, please also say so in here! I’ll arrange for an order later this month along with a bunch of microcontrollers (probably teensys).

At this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Some basics about color theory in lighting
  • How addressable LED strips work
  • How you can program a microcontroller to drive an LED strip
  • How to safely and securely attach LED strips to your bike in a way that keeps them weatherproof and with no permanent modifications to your bike

I will be providing all the tools and supplies you’ll need; I only ask that you chip in some cash if you can so those without funds can still get some free lights and I can still make rent. I will also have some code available for your use that gets your lights up and blinking in seconds! You’ll even get a free 3d printed case for your naked microcontroller!

My own bike’s lights have been installed for over 4 years now. Zero maintenance needed.

I organized a similar thing in 2017! Here’s a video of the SF bike party we all went to:


I’m in.

May the 4th huh. Guess we’ll have to screen all the Star Wars flicks.

Will pitch in, let me know if you need anything else.


you want a meet up for this? charge to cover materials?

I won’t be in town for the 4th, but I’d like to go for the ride on the 10th. Maybe I can get some bike decorations worked out another day in advance.


I also can’t make on the 4th - but would be down to try for another day.

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I’ve announced the bike lights party at the meeting.


@tdfischer Are you still planning to meet before the bike party at Noisebridge around 7pm and lead the way to the bike party?

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Nah, my plans for today changed and that would be incredibly out of the way for me. Instead, I’ll just wait at North Berkeley BART around 7:30pm for folks to show up!

Here’s today’s route:

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