Best time for a quick visit

I have some old (but definitely serviceable) electronics I would like to donate. If you guys are still taking donations, when would be the best time to come over and drop them off?

Thanks for your interest!
We def don’t need a ton of stuff right now, but would like to know the goods first. What is it in particular you wish to donate?

A point-and-shoot camera (Canon PowerShot A560) and an LED light bulb with an interesting control circuit board. Also some old flashlights (with boards and lenses to play with). If you don’t want them–do you have any recommendations for where to give them?

also curious about the same kinda. Does Noisebridge need a couple tables or any chairs?

I’d have to Google an exact place, but there are a ton of thrift stores that sell electronics in addition to furniture.
I think we’re good on those items (including chairs and tables), but best of luck finding a home for them!

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