Bed Bugs in Noisebridge

I received a report of possible bed bugs back in church. Possibly from a chair with fabric.

Be warned!

I think the main remedy for bed bugs is a steam gun? I am not sure.

And so it is:

For any enterprising hackers that want to try make a steam gun? Hmm

Can we just throw out the chair please? Bedbugs spread so easily and are a huge pain to get out of a home. Anyone know which chair it is?

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There are cheap bed-bug detection kits easily available, science will save us from uncertainty:

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I will ask Alex on Tuesday and try to get rid of it then. At this point, I am not sure if it will help since it has been about a week already. I guess it might though as bed bugs tend to stay in the same place.

It is strange to have bedbugs in a location where no one regularly sleeps. It’s not impossible but it’s strange. I concur with Ruth to go ahead and throw away any furniture that people have seen bedbugs on. If the bedbugs are actually sighted or signs of the infection seen (say, their droppings or moltings)

If bedbugs were to seriously infest noisebridge the only way to deal with the problem would be to essentially move out and move back in again throwing away 90% of our stuff. It’s really untenable. But they are nocturnal blood predators that shouldn’t be able to sustain themselves In a place no one regularly sleeps. So hopefully it can’t come to that

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Good analysis.

I also don’t feel like we have enough hard evidence, since it was reported from a rash that looks very much like bed bugs, but I think you are right that bed bugs are unlikely.

Perhaps it would be best to put this issue to rest until we get a 2nd occurrence of evidence.

I will report with more details on Tuesday. Sorry if this was a false alarm. Just taking an abundance of caution here. :slight_smile:

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