Be my Jungian Cognitive Analysis guinea pig!

Hi all. I’ve been doing a year-long course in Jungian personality analysis (it’s a certification usually taken by relationship counselors) and I need to clock some practical hours with Real Live Humans in order to certify.

To that end I am offering free 60-minute Jungian cognitive analysis sessions using the principles of the Jungian archetypes and theoretical cognitive functions starting this week and continuing through January.

Based on interest, I’ll be at Noisebridge some days all afternoon to let people “drop in”. I’m also taking appointments. We can do this remotely (using Skype or Zoom) or meet off-site near eastern Golden Gate Park or near Noisebridge (my general haunting zones).

This is a conversation-based approach (no tests, no gadgets). At the end of our session I’ll give you a Jungian picture of which Jungian cognitive functions you seem to prefer — “the unique wiring of your mind” — and what this means for finding your highest-leverage personal growth path.

Pipe up and lemme know if you’re interested! Happy to discuss more, answer questions, and book appointments.


I’m in.

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I did it and it was cool! I felt like it described me very well.
Thanks Naomi

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Anytime I’m around in the evening and I’m not already in a 1-1, I’m happy to jump into this. Just grab me!

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