Bay Area Performer Gofundme seeking Fiscal Sponsorship

A gofundme has been created for 100+ artists who are now out of work and funds. The group is seeking fiscal sponsorship for the donations they are raising. I haven’t seen sponsorship done through Noisebridge as far as I can remember, but any thoughts @themanmaran or @nthmost?

We’ve done fiscal sponsorship for hackathons; I don’t see why we couldn’t do it for artists.

I’d be ecstatic if we did!


The pragmatics of doing this would fall on @themanmaran – let’s find out if he has the bandwidth for it.


We should get them in contact with the roguelike conference which uses noisebridge for fiscal sponsorship. They would probably know the exact stems this group would need.

@pyconaut Any links or people to contact appreciated. Feel free to dm if that is better.

Yes fiscal sponsorships are awesome.

As opposed to roguelike (which runs entirely through Eventbrite ticket sales) this seems like it would be a bit more granular (payouts to every artist).

This could work out - but there would definitely be some transaction fees that we would have to cover.

I’m happy to work on this because it’s a great way for Noisebridge to help the community, and an easy revenue source (we get ~$500 / year from roguelike).


The roguelike setup works pretty simply:

  • Ticket sales are run through eventbrite for ~3 months.
  • Most expenses are handled out of pocket for the organizers
  • We get a list of reimbursements for the cost
  • Send out the money (less 5% Noisebridge fee) and hold on to the remaining funds for next year

Ok, given the increased granularity, is there any way to delegate to a small set of treasurer-helper Noisebridgers?

Or can we create some kind of financial vehicle for people within this funding program to get access to their segment of funds so they can do it themselves?

(ps. turning the Treasurer position into a small guild with Master and Apprentice positions would be a great way to train future treasurers…)

Hmm, in this case the fundraising has already begun on Gofundme… an individual set it up and it is already receiving donations. See the original link; how might that impact things?

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(looking at monetization v.s. work v.s. social good) I wonder if We could "pay the artists to help with any design stuff around NB or Million Dollar Toilet

Personally I don’t say no to money, but I’ll say It feels better especially when it comes to my craft of prototyping and creating for others, when I’m paid for a great job done. I feel the money is great, but the “work” even a small bit could help with the mental game, ALSO we could then help promote these artists in the long term, referencing the beautiful art they make.

Oooohh crazy idea, (banner ads like) or visual art integrated into our Noisebridge website to create a more visually enticing “thing” whatever that may be.

ok ok ONE more… we could do a pet rock vending machine/online sales with all of the artists in there or on the page…

lot’s of crazy ideas but someone has to implement. The fastest and possibly easiest ROI & PIF (pay it forward) would be to have the artist work on our website…not just our front page. But I’m thinking more like creating very intricate designs that can then go onto {button} Class Info {/button} or something like that… adding to our already great design.

That is cool, but let’s try to please keep this thread on topic @Roboto .

@James I want to help artists, and make sure we are getting the best bang for our buck(if it’s NB money). && I want to help because I love art.

@Roboto I think the ask is to keep the convo to talking about responding to the specific request at hand.

Brainstorming how Noisebridge could cross-pollinate and fundraise with the arts in general is an admirable topic that I’d love to see as its own top-level discussion post!


Yes, yes, and yes : )

The campaign was frozen by GoFundMe, who are in the process of reviewing it after raising $4k+ in basically one day. Waiting to hear back on it…

What would be the best method to move this forward? Let’s assume the GoFundMe remains frozen. What would be next steps for starting a campaign through Noisebridge? @nthmost do you remember what was done for the Hackathon? Should I be asking someone else about this besides Tyler?

I know any sort of fundraising assistance is a lot of work so thanks all for your thoughts and considerations.

This could be something, it works with stripe…and we are a Non-profit, there might be some fees waived because of that…

Hello Everyone.
This is Jordan Sunshine Bontrager.
So excited and happy at the prospect of being able to work together.
We had no idea this project would grow to 110+ artists.
A lot of us don’t have access to unemployment or additional help, and grants are iffy and limited at best. This project is our solution and ask for help.
We’re working hard to build teams and create infrastructure around how to move forward most successfully. These artists are Amazing. We have lots of help available.

One proposal is to relaunch on go fund me, and use non-profit credentials to create it.
Initially, I launched as an individual, but non-profit info was an option on GoFundMe’s site.
We’d be very very excited if Noisebridge would partner with us.
It’ll be the same campaign just under the non profit blanket.
Other proposals.
Consider using a different platform such as FB donate, Kickstarter, the Stripe afore mentioned, or if Noisebridge has a digital donation setup, to use that.
If there is a donation platform anyone knows of that doesn’t charge %overhead for the sake of non-profits, that’d be amazing.

We have a lot of recovery strategies, Examples: virtual shows, postcorona large collabs and shows, media, news, celebrity outreach and so much more.

For now, we’d love to relaunch as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and I’ll be excited to hear back and potentially work together.
Jordan Sunshine Bontrager


Hey Jordan,

Unfortunately there is no payment option that is not going to charge us fees. We’ve looked pretty exhaustively - but the best bet we have is Stripe, which is ~4% fees on each transaction. There is also Paypal which has a free “send as a friend” option. But I worry about abusing that feature with a large number of donations coming in.

I’m not sure why GoFundMe would remove the listing. But maybe they have something against the distributed payout that was proposed.

Noisebridge has several digital donation pages setup. Eventbrite would be the easiest, and that is what is set up for another Fiscal sponsorship that we do. They charge an extra booking fee on the person purchasing the ticket, but then the organization gets 100% of the funding.

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Thanks for the info and assistance @themanmaran . Also, happy cake day! Seems it is your Noisebridge Discuss Anniversary!