Babble Real-Time Chat [removed] for this Channel

Babble real-time chat support has been activated for this category. Testing it out. Functions similarly to riseup pad’s chat system, Facebook messenger, etc.

Shows up in the bottom left of the forum screen as this loudspeaker icon…


  • Assignable to Group or Category chats.
  • Can be synced to 3rd party chat services such as Slack, Discord, Matrix,, etc. using Matterbabble + Matterbridge service.
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what is the real time part?

The checkbox makes messages show up instantly?

You should be able to access chat through the white icon on the bottom left of the forum. Click on it, then conversations will pop up.

X-posting over suggestions from the chat on how to improve this. Please add suggestions!

Can we get chat visible by default?
You can set Babble to auto-open under your User Preferences / Interface @lxpk
Needs a better button to help find it.
Can we get something like jitsi voice/video on every chan too where you can see people online in it.
Organize how this x-posts to Slack chat.

Removed. :frowning:

Unfortunately this plugin has gone unsupported and is causing issues with our forum so it has been removed. Hopefully it will receive bug fixes in the future… I’d love to set it up on this forum again!