Automatic Snap Setting Machines donation & instructions

We have received a generous donation of two Automatic Snap Machines worth over $4000 from Craig Spring !

One pair (one female, one male) of fully automatic, electric powered, 20 line, snap setting machines. These are older model machines manufactured by the Ho Hung Ming company in Taiwan (
They have a US location at: Ho Hung Ming USA Enterprise, 13525 Alma Ave, Gardena, CA 90249, Phone: 3103274847.
One of the advantages of these older machines is that they are simple mechanical machines built to last. Like an old car, they are easier to repair than newer ones. In 22 years, he never needed to repair these machines. They still run like a beast.

As there exists no manual for these machines, Craig and I gave a servicing and use demonstration yesterday via Jitsi and X uploaded it to

Attached photos with this info. Also three pics of the wiring of the light that he took off one machine. It would be great if someone could reattach it before the switch gets lost.

Would be excellent if someone could upload all this info to the sewing manuals page or show me how to do that.


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You can create a wiki account here. Options to create account / login / edit the page are all on the top-right of the site.

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I added a chapter to the Sewing wiki