Audiochurch still going?

Hi All,

Is audiochurch still going on? Sorry if this is redundant, but I was unable to find any recent information, either a posting of the events on meetup or facebook, or on the wiki either.

If so, what Sundays is it? Odd Sundays or Even Sundays?

Thanks much.


It has not been active in many months. Would you like to help start it up again? If so, how would you like it to take place?

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What did audiochurch cover? I’ve been itching to do something more music related, and am generally free to help. I could potentially do Sundays

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Checkout the old event info for inspiration.

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anyone interested shares their own audio/visual projects. Instruments/DIY Projects/VJ Gear/Effects Pedals/Software & Hardware/Pre-recorded Music are all welcome.

Not a whole lot to go off of, but it’s something at least. I would love it if we had somebody from back when it was active to keep the spirit going. Do you know if anyone is around from then, or why it wound down… just a lack of interest?

Do you know if there is some more informal music-related gatherings at Noisebridge some times?

I’m not sure if I would have the knowledge to be able to lead things, I was honestly more thinking to learn and be inspired, and then give back as I grew.

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:smile: It is an audio-visual show and tell Pot Luck. People join up to share what they’ve worked on for 5 - 10 minutes maximum per person. Or they just bring snacks to share. Or they just watch. People have brought instruments, coding projects, played pre-recorded songs, showed up with their latest pedal, or somewhere in-between. It is all very light and casual.

I started it because the Ableton classes were also beginning, but people wanted to meet and show off what they were working on outside of class. Many people do not even need classes, they just want to share and connect.

Often, audio-church devolves into a jam session, or just people chatting and snacking. It continued over several years, with those involved coming and going, eventually being treated as a leaderless “just show up” event similar to the Whiteboarding self-directed class. :heart:

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Oh that sounds so cool, you have been a part of it?

Do you know if the Ableton classes are still going, or they are done for now as well?

I’m mostly out of town on weekends, I wouldn’t be able to coordinate anything, but would definitely show up when I can!

Yes, I started audiochurch and attended for some time. Then others took over.

No. It ended once Cain, Chris, Javier, myself, and others were no longer able to lead it. Others stepped up as well for some time, but eventually it also died off after running for multiple years. The reality is people only want to take a beginner Ableton class so many times, plus people can only volunteer so much time to lead. :slight_smile: But, it was a solid run.

Cool, I’m not personally interested in running it as I simply do not have time. However, someone might be convinced by a real outpouring of interest. Either way, thanks for asking about it. :heart: