Auction Check-in and Registration

Here’s how auction check-in, registration, and check-out will work.

First, we’re going to be using to track and process bids and tickets. Our event page is here: (cc @_ar, who wanted this link)

Folks looking to buy a ticket in advance should be sent to that page. When they buy a ticket, they’ll be registered for bidding and given a QR code. Our door volunteers will scan the QR code at the door and check them in.

If people show up at the door looking to buy a ticket, or want to pay with cash, bidr also handles that. They can either go to the site then and there, or a volunteer at the door can type them in. Either way, when they get checked in at the door, they’ll get an SMS with a link to the mobile web app for the event. Door volunteers will be scanning the codes using the bidr web app to check people in; the app also supports manual check-in via phone number, email, name, or similar.

After people are checked in, we’ll click the button in bidr to assign paddle numbers to each person. The mobile web app includes a screen to display their paddle number in large text which they’ll use during bidding, just like any regular auction. If for some reason they don’t have a phone that can do that, we can print out paddle numbers for them and stick them on things.

After each item is auctioned off, each bid and paddle number gets punched in to bidr. We should record every paddle, just in case the winning bidder isn’t able to collect or pay up in the end and need to default to the second highest bidder. At the end of the night we click the big “close items” button and everyone who won gets an SMS saying that they won and they’ll have to pay up.

Bidr collects everyone’s mailing address and contact info too, so we’ll be able to ship them their items or follow up afterwards.

Today, @kieryn signed up to coordinate the list of auction items, including putting them up on Bidr. If you or someone you know is afflicted by Art and wishes to cleanse their soul of it, they should DM them and see if they can get on the list of auction items. If we have extras beyond the 10, I suppose we could figure out if we want to also include surplus items in a silent auction, which bidr also can facilitate for us through the app.

Any questions?