Applications are open for Maker Faire

Applications are open for Maker Faire

Event Date: May 17, 18 & 19, 2019
Location: San Mateo County Event Center, San Mateo, California

Noisebridge, being a non-profit hackerspace, gets a free booth at the show if we apply. I’ve had the honor to coordinate the NB Maker Faire booth the last four years (with :noisebridge: winning awards the last three :grin:), but this year I’ve decided not run it :pensive:. If anyone would like to take this on please let everyone else know so Noisebridge doesn’t submit multiple applications.

Its fun, but running the booth is a lot of work and expense and Noisebridge doesn’t get too much of a donation or visitor boost from it. The event is mostly attended by families and children who generally don’t come to NB, except for perhaps CHM. The only benefits to NB having a Maker Faire booth are those we create for ourselves: such as a project to work with new people on and build for the space, a chance to be a part of Maker Faire, free tickets to Maker Faire, a strict deadline to motivate a team to finish a project, etc. It is a lot of work so one has to really be interested in making it happen. Nevertheless, if this is the case, the whole thing is one of the best sorts of stressful adrenaline rush type fun project management and making exercises, in my opinion. I’ve conned a lot of wonderful, otherwise sensible, people into working on these things and had a great time working with them.

NB doesn’t need to have a booth, but anyone is welcome to lead a team to represent NB at the show. If anyone is interested and has questions about applying or coordinating stuff for the show, feel free to message me.


I like the maintenance of former Maker Fair projects idea. Ordibooth 2019

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Thanks for making NB’s Maker Faire projects happen these last few years, Jarrod! It’s been a seriously rewarding experience spending time at the booth and talking to people about the magical hacker wonderland that is Noisebridge.

This would be a fantastic project for one of the guilds to pick up.

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Hi @hicksu! :slight_smile:

@pyconaut has actually signed us up for Maker Faire this year.

I have an idea for Maker Faire.

We can make a DIY touch-sensitive surface with a projection mapped into it!! :slight_smile:

Details are here:

Aside from that, we can the popular things like:

  1. Simbridge
  2. Brainduino
  3. etc.

What do you think??? :smiley:

Hi @lee :slight_smile:

Good news!! There’s a project for repairing the Ordibooth already. :smiley:

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