Anyone in the space, is the elevator usable or is it tagged / locked again? lemme know please

As we have a meeting need to know so we can figure out what to do.

Um, I used it this morning at 10:20 a.m. to bring the trashcans up. I didn’t see anything to say it wasn’t working. So I think you are good to go. :slight_smile:

ok, thanks, good to know. if anyone can check if the elevator is usable right now, since.the inspector came, that would be great. but I’ll be in around 415 to check.

I will go for a ride. The literal ups and downs of Noisebridge. Back soon. :slight_smile:


Good call on having us check. Looks like the elevator is shut down again and there are some new notes inside.

I could not get it to move. Will ask around a few others and report back. But for right now, looks like it is not working again. :confused:

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Ok, checking with @jcer415 for Precita Eyes. looking for alt venue for tonight. thanks for checking!

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Sure thing. Total bummer, it was working this morning. :confused:

Please post a picture or information on what the notes inside say. Me and Alex are planning to come down around 7, and want to know soon if the meeting will be at noisebridge or not.

Can’t get inside.

Yeah, the elevator door won’t open and the notes are inside the elevator on the side wall in small font. :confused: Doubt the elevator will be operational for the meeting…

Can it be called to the second floor and be checked there, or is it not even able to be called?

It is not currently responding to hall calls (I tried the first and second floor hall call buttons).


We apparently have received our fourth red tag from the city. Idk when we even got the third. But we cannot use it. Advanced Elevators should not have taken the tags off.

Then is there a place we can hold the meeting? Like precita eyes.

I’m heading to Precita Eyes to knock and see if we can have our meeting there.

I will be streaming the meeting via for anyone that wants to tune in remotely.

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Precita Eyes is closed. Meeting is at 2169 Mission.

I’ll post stream when I get back to Noisebridge in a few minutes.

They close early every day, it was reopened for us

Dolores Park is still an option if people like

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Meeting livestream: