Anyone have opinions about the 220V industrial straight stitch sewing machine?

It’s just taking room right now because we don’t have the power requirements for it. Tiffany and I have booked a tech from Apparel City to come in to fix the cutting on the industrial serger and do general maintenance on the other two industrial straight stitch machines. Apparel City doesn’t generally buy 220V machines but if it’s in good condition they might take it away for us for free. I’m going to ask them to do this if I don’t hear any objection from anyone. I feel like since we already have two straight stitch machines, even if we have the correct power requirements in the new space, it’s not really worth the trouble of keeping and moving this one.

I will take it! Lemme know

Yeah I would probably take it this weekend or some night this week and my gf would use it for sewing heavy duty stuff like thick denim and canvas. We would have to get a transformer but I found one that should work.


sweet, thanks @David !! let’s aim to have it gone in a week :slight_smile:

Sounds good will do!

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@David When can you take it? And do you have a plan for its use?