Announcing FT Web: A web interface to the Flaschen-Taschen! (And an HTTP API!)

TL;DR: If you’re @ NB, visit http://pegasus.noise:4444 on your phone or laptop and specify the text, image, gif, or video you want displayed on the Flaschen-Taschen… and it shall instantly appear! :tada:

Screenshot: FT Web desktop interface

(And yes, it’s responsive/looks ~good on mobile!)

Action Shots

Hello, Discourse!

Why FT Web?

Noisebridge should have a very beginner-friendly introduction to Noisebridge – one that enables people to use their phone as a remote control for their physical environment, in this case!

Instant coolness gratification within the first minute someone enters the premises == A Good Thing :tm: – no CLI tools/custom UDP protocol-speaking shtuff needed… but of course all that is still there for those who want to use it!

Use Cases

Looking for the perfect accessory to a crime the Noisebridge tours you give? Tell newcomers to visit http://pegasus.noise:4444/ , or to visit then click Play, then specify the text or upload the image/gif/video they want to see – and up it shall show.

Code / Contribute!

Check it: GitHub - elimisteve/ft-web: Web UI and API for Noisebridge's Flaschen-Taschen . PRs welcome!

The repo has been forked to GitHub - noisebridge/ft-web: Web UI and API for Noisebridge's Flaschen-Taschen so it’s easy to find :+1:.

All zero unit tests pass :100: .

Thank Yous

Thank you to @hzeller for adding the send-text -i <file> CLI arg so that I could securely accept user input without needing to worry about CLI injection crap!

Also, thank you to @metasyn for brainstorming with me about the various ways to do this. This solution may not be elegant, but it was quick to build and works great! (Rewriting some of the C++ CLI tools into Python would be cool.)

And a big thank you to @gaardn for encouraging me to follow through on this project idea; I’m glad we did :smiley:.

:noisebridge: :noisebridge: :noisebridge: :noisebridge:


Awesome! I can’t wait to try this, and will try to use it on tours as much as possible etc! :slight_smile:
Thanks to everyone who made it and contributed! :slight_smile:

One thought, if it is not too difficult, can we change the URL to something other than 4?

Maybe http://pegasus.noise:9999/ ???

The reason being that the number 4 is considered unlucky in many East Asian cultures, and I don’t really want the stigma to be there when giving a tour, welcoming people to the space, and so on…

Please see for reference:

Hmm, I think the later link is ok. I actually checked the git repos and it looks like you have this URL in many places, so it is probably fine to keep it that way. I will see if we get any comments on tours. :slight_smile:

Look forward to trying this. Thanks!

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Hey @Paul_H, good news! I just configured Apache to proxy http://pegasus.noise:9000 through to its own port 4444, so now either port can be used :smile:. I have also changed the Play link at to point to port 9000.

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:tada: Awesome! Can’t wait to try this out. In fairness, I might have tetraphobia. :wink:

But I know other people would share it too, and it is a bit like seeing a 666 in a url or something, it is just going to leave a stigma whether you are superstitious or not, well, at least IMO. So this is a welcomed fix! :smiley:

I will try this out by Tuesday latest and post photos of what I can on the Taschen. Love how Noisebridge is getting connected with Mary and the taschen. Another nice hack would be to schedule the things Mary says to coincide on the Taschen, like for the “Every body clean up” Thursday jingle to take out the trash could also flash “Take out trash” on the taschen…and so on. Or subtle requests to donate, etc…

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Had fun posting the Italian Flag and party parrot to the Taschen today. Thanks Steve!

One thing though is that the image or text would only run for 10-20 seconds and then the page would forward to something like

With only


on the page.

Sorry if there is already an issue tracker on the git repo.
I am using Chrome on Linux.

That was a bit counter-intuitive, so… I made it great! The homepage comes back once the request ends, and there’s a flash message that shows any errors that occurred rather than responding with JSON that the user need not see.

…aaand it still works without even needing to enable JavaScript :smile: – something that some people will want – and in that case it defaults back to the behavior you saw before (replying with JSON).

I also made some CSS tweaks to make it look great in Firefox, too, not just Chrom{ium,e} :tada: .

For those who want to add additional features, check out GitHub - elimisteve/ft-web: Web UI and API for Noisebridge's Flaschen-Taschen and ask me if you have any questions.


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It works a lot better now, thanks Steve! I tried to get the Taschen to thank you, but the text scrolled to quickly. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to keep bringing up points, but it would be nice if we could set the number of times the text scrolls, right now it is just one time. Images also seem to have a short shelf life. More of a wishlist than a priority. Thanks for all the effort. :slight_smile:


@Paul_H Glad you like it, and you’re welcome :+1:.

@hzeller When I ask send-image to show an image for 30 seconds, it seems to stay for about 10. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

@hzeller Or maybe I should just lengthen the time it’s displayed? I thought maybe that wouldn’t work if that layer is being written over or something, but I made images show up on layer 12, so I don’t think that’s the issue…

@Paul_H Telling them to do the latter isn’t good enough? Think they’ll notice the port number/care?