And Friends. Updated

Hello there I am Oliver Chanax co-organizer for this event I came to the Tuesday meeting this week to discuss about this and wanted to update the following event.

Event Description:
and friends. is a public art event celebrating independent artists, photographers, filmmakers and musicians allowing them a platform to display their arts to a diverse crowd of people

Time of Day and Duration:
July 20TH
5:30pm - 7pm SETUP
6:30pm - 7pm Arrival of Guests
10pm - 11pm Clean Up

Projectors / Speakers & Monitors & Sound

Expected Attendance:

  • 100+ (increasing)
  • suggesting donations for the venue @ the door
  • Attendance measured in RSVP, tickets, or Walk-Ins?
  • This will be a family friendly event of all ages

Space we will use:
Most of the hackitorium and the church classroom area. We will close off/ not use the following (Turing classroom, sparkle forge, dirty shop, sewing area, dorkroom, components)

Behind The Event:
Alberto, the organizer, is an independent multimedia artist who is fond of his other
friends who work hard to make their dreams a reality. He wanted to put together an even to give them the opportunity to display their arts and use the event to grow their following.

Filmmakers: Louis Bazlen (Germany), Rin (Japan), Alberto (United States), MartinEL (San Francisco, CA)
Artists: Oliver C (San Francisco, CA), Daniel (San Francisco, CA), Sofia P (San Francisco, CA), Stephanie T (San Francisco, CA)
Performances: Kyle S (San Francisco, CA), Ayoni (Los Angeles, CA), OSO (San Francisco, CA), The Odds (OKC, OK)
Entertainment Outreach in Progress Still

This isn’t a for-profit event BUT artists are invited to sell pieces for themselves, is that permitted?
YES - can we donate a portion back into Noisespace?
NO - can we donate a portion back into Noisespace either directly from artist profits, or a donation made by the organizer?

we will provide food/ snacks and beverages


  • On our invites and social media, we will mention Noisespace and the address

If any members of the community would like to participate, we are open to artists, filmmakers and musicians. Please contact me (Oliver) or Alberto through email to fill out a artists submission sheet.

Organizers/Contact info:
Alberto Rodas
(415) 786-3394

Oliver Chanax
(415) 404-0404


Noisebridge Hackerspace would be happy to host And Friends.

Thank you for the update!

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Hey nicole I had a quick question what is the maximum limit of people noisebridge can have?

Are you anticipating a massive crowd?

Yes between 100-150 maybe more

Hi Oliver,

You should be able to host 100-150 people without a problem.

However you should know that by July 20th, most likely Noisebridge will look a bit different in preparation for its big move to the new space (tentatively 668 Guerrero). Things may be in boxes, or being torn down. We can’t make any guarantees.

You should make sure you check on the state of the space in the days leading up to the event, so you know for sure what you need to do to set up and run the event successfully.

Noisebridge LOVES local artists and musicians and all of it. Let us know what more support you will need.


Chances are good the 2169 Mission space will be in tact that date because we still need to remodel some of the new space to make it ADA friendly before moving in.

We can also intentionally accommodate for a large event like And Friends by holding off moving the hacker art stuff that makes Noisebridge such a great event environment, and only move the utility items (dirty shop, laser cutter, welding & metal working equipment, maybe the kitchen)

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We can accommodate this event and still provide a simulating environment, @elmisft, no worries. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much we really appreciate this

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I was checking the calendar for the And friends event it said 0700, as stated on the description for the event i want to make sure that it starts at 7pm and NOT 7am