An incomplete list of reasons I believe in that say you shouldn't be using Discuss

  • If you’re freaking out that someone, anyone, ever at all has exercised their admin powers on slack
  • If you’re thinking there’s a grand conspiracy to turn Noisebridge into an authoritarian non-anarchist community
  • If you think having public discussions will fix our cultural illnesses
  • If you’re offended that Noisebridge doesn’t trust you with keys to infrastructure
  • If you think switching to another tool will immediately and irrevocably fix our culture
  • If you think any kind of technical solution can possibly solve our social ills
  • If a new and different power structure will make the people we’ve lost come back
  • If you’re looking to get noisebridge to implement top-down moderation of discussions
  • If you’ve got beef with another Noisebridger and are too terrified to Own Your Shit and talk with them like another real live human being with romances and hopes and dreams and feelings and fears and reciprocal compassion.

Ultimately, if you want a neat and tidy two sentence explanation for what has been nearly two years of violent, traumatic dissolution of the noisebridge social trust network, you should hold those thoughts for later; you’ll not find an answer in slack, in discuss, or anywhere else, but instead those answers are within ourselves and we must fearlessly interrogate them, together, as a collective of love–not individuals of fear.

This is an experiment to break bad cultural patterns, no more, no less.

For completeness, here’s why I like using discuss:

  • I can read it at my leisure without a massive backlog of missing context
  • Its shiny and new and has the right colors
  • It keeps my lizard brain from kicking in and jumping to the first (often inflammatory, as of late) thought on the tip of my tongue when I feel that Someone Is Wrong Online.
  • Its fun to collaborate on exploring a new social environment
  • We, the noisebridge community, own and operate the underlying means of communication.
  • It is extremely hackable through CSS hacks, rails plugins, or whatever other stupid ideas we come up with
  • I can write paragraphs of drivel after taken a bunch of time to collect my thoughts and be more analytical about them