ALL THE LISTING - Go watch the videos!

I’ve been communicating with Rockwell Properties (Mark and Rich) regarding some potential locations. Monday around 1:00PM we are going to speedrun at least 4 locations. We should be meeting at Rockwell (down the street from Noisebridge) and driving with Mark to visit each of these spaces.

I’d like to have a couple +1’s for these tours (or more if we could arrange transportation).

This is a great list. I am particularly interested in:

  • 668 Guerrero St
  • 2021 Folsom St
  • 985 Howard St
  • 2815 23rd St

262 7th St would be good as well. But I believe it is outside of our budget.
Looking forward to the tours,
Tyler Maran

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#Iwork… I would love to join if I could show up at 3pm?

Did you get anyone to go with you? I’m in class then so I can’t join but I hope someone can

No one yet! I’ll try to drag along anyone I find here. If not, I brought my gopro with me, so I’ll throw up some video walkthroughs.


Thanks for doing so much legwork!

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Here’s a video walk-through of each location we saw today. Thanks @jay for coming with.

668 Guererro St. (Best bet - probably could get for $10k)

3084 17th St.

2815 23rd St. (A good option - $8k - but surrounded by residential)

I forget the address - it was too small


Thank you for doing this! I would have liked to visit the places with you, but had to show up at work today. Hopefully I can join for the next lap!

Wow! 668 Guerrero looks fantastic.


Would the landlord allow us to paint the front of the building?

What is the zoning? So close to Dolores Park. Wonder if we could sell Club Mate and snacks out the front door and have more concerts to make up for the 3k/mo extra rent. Subtenants are still also an option… 3k much smaller amt to make up for.

okay watching. These seem to be a better class of places than some of the basement’s we’ve seen til now.
I am loving 668 Guererro! That front room is epic, and there are so many windows and different areas. I think I can really imagine us there.

I am having a harder time imagining us in the 17th st place, the layout seems awkward with that narrow loft and giant garage-y room.

Is the residential a dealkiller on the 23rd st one? Otherwise it seems good but we’re pretty loud.

@david I think we could paint the front for sure. The owner considers this building a tear down at some point in the future (wants to sell and drop some apartments in its place).

We could run a coffee shop front with a secret entrance!

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Went and saw three more places today. Of that there was one that was as good as the Geurrero St. place.

2021 Folsom (around $8k per month)

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Looks amazing! Only 4k sqft though (~1/2 of the Guerrero/Dolores location) … or maybe they aren’t including the upstairs sqft in this loopnet listing?

They are not including the loft area in that square footage - so perhaps more like 4,500 sqft. And this is a really easy to improve upon location (big, open, steel framed, etc.).

Unlike Guerrero, the owner plans to hang on to this building; meaning there may be some discounts for tenant improvements. With Guerrero, the owner plans to sell or teardown eventually, so not interested in improvements.

(Plus we could just stack up a bunch of shipping containers here and build more floors!)


I do not know. Its 4-5 properties starting at 1:00PM and driving around. So I don’t know when we will be where.