Air quality sensor installed behind back window

Rebecca from installed a Purple Air sensor behind one of the back windows, behind the VR green screen. There’s a cord going through the window so you can’t close it all the way anymore. But it’s on the other side of the building from the fire escape so I think the security implications are minimal.

This sensor is part of a project paid for by a California Air Resources Board to compare cheaper sensors (purple air costs $200) with the more expensive traditional $10,000 sensors, to see if they are comparable.

Please don’t hack this sensor set up. Ask me or Rebecca (her business card is taped on the window) if you have any questions.


This is really cool, thanks for facilitating!

Have they taken into account the proximity to the Sparkleforge exhaust vents? Wondering if that might skew their concentration readings for some stuff :thinking:

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Props to People Air and CARB for this. I bet you could thread that USB cord through the other side of the window and have the window close better.

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Hmm, I guess having the window closed would be slightly more secure than having it open. Feel free to move the wire if you’re in the space.

Is that the correct URL? I went to check them out but it didn’t resolve. Do you know what the plan is for deploying these-- are they just trying to get a bunch in place? Do they need coverage in specific areas?

The link is

Thanks! I thought it would be something we’d be interested in helping with where I work but it turns out we have already been in contact with them.

Oh good point!! Rebecca said the reading was slightly higher than expected but not in a health threatening way. I’ll let her know about the laser exhaust