Adding Neutrik combo jacks(XLR and Line Level) cable runs between rooms or floors

While we are in the build out phase, perhaps we could add neutrik combo wall plates (XLR and 1/4" breakouts) between some of the rooms + adjacent hallways or floors.

Not sure if it is possible to add a run through the ceiling and walls, but would be supremely useful when streaming online events, recording music, or just listening to shared audio between multiple parts of the building.

Thanks for considering!

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Neat! We could use it for presenting stuff from one of the rooms to the space. What use cases did you have in mind?

The idea is networking audio cables between rooms, covering both balanced mics and unbalanced instrument lines. Simple solution that opens up lots of fun possibilities. Could be used for recording a singer in room A from room B or accessing music room equipment from somewhere else without having to awkwardly run cables down stairs or lug equipment through doorways.

At least fun to consider! :heart:

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super cool idea!!