ADA accessible location for next Tuesday's meeting

this Tuesday, we will meet at Precita Eyes on 24th and Harrison to discuss moving to 668 Guerrero, it’s 2nd and final week a as a consensus proposal.

original message below.

This came up at the meeting.

Since the elevator is out, we need an accessible location for next weeks meeting due to the Important Consensus Item.

Preferably close. Some people had some ideas, it would be great to confirm a place and send that out sooner than later.


We could use Muddy Waters coffee house, as was done before Noisebridge found a home. Or, we could meet at Dolores Park.

Police station community room is available until 6pm on Tuesday.

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thanks for that!


I put in a request for the Google Community room, which I’m pretty sure we’re signed up to use as a non-profit.

Email will be sent to so hey @tdfischer you’re totally cool and interesting person let us know if you get it!

We can always cancel if we dont want to use it.

PS @James your posted reminded me of it, thank you, those are also great options.

I can confirm I have access to Precita Eyes on 24th and Harrison as well. There is enough space in the back with no stairs and it is not far off from NB


That looks like a dope as setting and I think we should just do that. If people go to the wrong place it’s not hard to get down there, and it’s not that far off the bart

Wow, that is awesome! Big thanks to @jcer415

I’ll try to print something out and leave it at NoiseBridge tonight so people can see it.

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Just to clear up confusion, what time is the meeting? Is it the usual time of 8:00 pm? Thanks in advance.

“Yes” but give time for stragglers and people to find out at 2169 and make their way down.

Pre-meeting, I suggest going over how to discuss things appropriately, i.e. take stack, getting on stack, don’t interrupt, and how to correctly interrupt stack with a direct response. Reminders are good especially with a bigger than normal meeting.

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Me and Alex will be at precita eyes around 6 pm

I’d like to tune in to tonight’s meeting remotely. Would anyone be willing to set up an or Hangouts stream?

Ah, so if all of you will be there, should I cancel tonight’s Gamebridge @pyconaut? Thanks in advance.

Anyone else at precita eyes, I’m trying to get in?

Me and Alex are at the torta place next door for now.

I’ll be there around 7.

Anyone coming from noisebridge, please bring a power strip

We are there now. Ring the bell when you get here.

We are going to try to set up a Google hangouts. Will post a link here once it is up

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