Access Control Updates

(Matt) #1

Post changes in user status here if public.

David G lost his fob so I reinstated him in earl as philanthropist.

I placed his old fob on hiatus

General process for getting people access to Noisebridge
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(Matt) #3

Austin was philanthropized last night at the meeting. I have updated his entry in earl.

(Matt) #4

Asya Lit lost her token. Old token put on hiatus and new one promoted to trusted philanthropist+

(Matt) #5

Micah put on hiatus

(r) #6

Jehan’s role in earl changed to philanthropist.

(r) #7

Austin lost his old token. I moved the old token to hiatus and updated the information for the new token.

(r) #8

Added Tyler as philanthropist.

(Matt) #9

Upgrading Nick Pisaro(@nickp) to Philanthropist+ (approval via @ruthgrace)


Tom Nevin moved from philanthropist to hiatus per a member’s request to revoke their philanthropy status.

(Matt) #11

Jared Garst (finally) set to philanthropist in earl. I was there when he was philanthropised, it was alike 3 months ago.