Access Control Updates

Post changes in user status here if public.

David G lost his fob so I reinstated him in earl as philanthropist.

I placed his old fob on hiatus


Austin was philanthropized last night at the meeting. I have updated his entry in earl.


Asya Lit lost her token. Old token put on hiatus and new one promoted to trusted philanthropist+


Micah put on hiatus

Jehan’s role in earl changed to philanthropist.

Austin lost his old token. I moved the old token to hiatus and updated the information for the new token.

Added Tyler as philanthropist.

Upgrading Nick Pisaro(@nickp) to Philanthropist+ (approval via @ruthgrace)


Tom Nevin moved from philanthropist to hiatus per a member’s request to revoke their philanthropy status.

Jared Garst (finally) set to philanthropist in earl. I was there when he was philanthropised, it was alike 3 months ago.

Tonzi’s philanthropy moved to new token; old stolen token put on hiatus.

@themanmaran upgraded to Trusted Philanthropist, sponsored by @ruthgrace


Nick d’s new token set to philanthropy, old token put on hiatus

had to reboot Earl, door access was ok but the vfd on the upstairs panel was showing garbage

Can someone here enable my clipper card now that I’m a philanthropist? I have the code that’s displayed inside the door when i tag it. (Not sure if I should post it publicly, but I can.)

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I think it may be easiest for @hzeller to do this?

Welcome and congratulations, @grant! #philanthropized

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Wheezy and Paul added as philanthropists.

Reily added as philanthropist.

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