Access Control Updates [7/02/2020]

Reposting from the #access-control slack channel:

The new access control. Seven sets of keys, and one combination lock.

The current distribution:

  1. Tyler
  2. @the + @df
  3. Landlord (because we have to)
  4. [Available]
  5. [Available]
  6. [Available]
  7. [Available]

The keys are duplicates of those that already existed. So it is likely that many others have them. But the combination lock is new.

I am looking for people to claim the available sets of keys. Ideally someone who could consistently attend cleaning/packing days, and help people empty their lockers / projects. Do I have any volunteers?

Hey, I’d like to claim a set of keys. Or cause some dups to be made for me.

I am hoping to grab a key to 2169 and potentially also 272 so I can start hosting teams of volunteers, because if i can do that then I can start scheduling work days without needing to coordinate with key-holders.

Edit: I am all set, got keys to both locations. Thanks @Roboto!