About the Guilds category

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A Guild is a named collection of people who have a particular area of interest (e.g. sewing), and who come up with their own methods of self-governing to take care of their interest area.

(At the moment the Guild concept is still formulating, so please bear with the sheer number of “shoulds” and “coulds” in what follows.)

Guild Membership is meant to replace Noisebridge Membership.

As such, Guilds should be formally recognized by Noisebridge in some capacity, while at the same time, creating any new Guild should be as easy as checking a few performative boxes on a Noisebridge-wide agreed-upon list of Things Guilds Should Do.

For example, to start a Guild, it might be required to come up with a list of $MIN_NUMBER_MEMBERS (perhaps 3?) to start the Guild. Guilds need to have named leaders for accountability (acceptable to use Slack handles and whatnot). And since Guild Membership would replace normal Membership, Guilds should make sure to get people signed up for monthly donations at the appropriate amount, and know how and when to grant RFID access.

Guilds should choose a physical part of Noisebridge to be the stewards of. In this way, a Guild based around (say) Sewing should be held accountable for the organization, cleanliness, safety, and maintenance of the sewing area.

(In the past we’ve tried naming individuals as area stewards, which was a failure. We don’t pay people wages, so we can’t expect any given individual to commit that kind of time and effort.)

Guilds should commit to a Noisebridge Values document of some kind. People from different Guilds should thus have a common foundation of agreed-upon values (e.g. “Be Excellent to Each Other”). Beyond this, Guilds should feel free to operate however they feel works best, and to experiment with different governance and communication methods.

Since this is merely a nascent idea and not an Actual Thing just yet, Watch This Space for Updates.