About 272 Capp St (Right accross from NB)

272 Capp St is right across from Noisebridge. You can see it from the back kitchen windows in Noisebridge.

It is 2 floors, 6000sq/ft total, and going for $9000/month

It is on the ground floor, has a roll up door, and possible parking.

We are going to tour it tomorrow (Thursday March 5th) at 3p.m.
Meet at Noisebridge at 2:50p.m. latest if you want to go. Or just show up there at 3p.m.


How’d it go?

So here is the Re-capp on Capp St. :wink:

The Good:
-6000 sq/ft for ~$9000 (if we can get it)
-Front fenced area that could be parking or a patio. BBQ fundraiser anyone?
-Large empty bottom floor
-Top floor with nicely build out rooms with windows
-Skylights that open on the top floor.
-Windows with natural light
-Large bay door (potential for large projects or modding cars)
-ADA toilets and even a shower
-The place is 3 meters away from Noisebridge helping with the move
-The place is around the block helping to minimize member attrition from the move

The Bad:
-2 floors means less of an open floor plan and less mingling. This might be good for some of the long term folks who want to concentrate without being bothered
-Vents on the 1st floor might be tough. There are no real windows other than the large garage door.
-Stairs would need a lift to let the 2nd floor be accessible

To do:
-Convince the landord to love us. Someone needs to make a compelling human case for our Mission so we can lock in $9,000/mo for 10 years

I wish I took more photos, but Tyler took a video he will post on Youtube. Anyway, here is a photo of one room. And then the view of Noisebridge from the place should anyone get homesick. :wink:

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Another wrinkle: The building next to this place is leased but empty, meaning we might be able to negotiate a sublease at a lower rate for a few years hoping the real estate market will continue to fall in price…(as has been the trend since WeWork exploded. :wink: )

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The good news is that the Capp St. Landlords are currently cool with our usage. Now it is about getting a good price for a 10 year lease.
Charlie Cutler (our agent) wants us to build a good case of financial stability (paying rent on time) and also community good. The landlords are a long time SF family who would be happy to see something that helps the community. The recent Chron coverage will help. Otherwise submit anything else you think will help our case! :slightly_smiling_face:

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For the case of showing our future landlord the betterment which we give to our community please reference the fact that I & Friends teach Circuit Hacking Monday and I do not forsee myself stopping as it will be my connection to hardware as I delve deeper into software. I plan on being in the bay area for at least the next 5 years (thinking about my 5 yr plan) teaching keeps me sane and grounded + I love talking to peeps. The idea of CHM is to teach people how to learn, how to solve really hard problems, and have a little more hardware knowledge than they did before: I will be cross linking hardware with software: Javascript(node.js) and Python allowing easier and more fun applications of semi-prebuilt hardware. We will be pausing Soldering until the move is completed. I do this every single monday, just for the fact that I don’t have to remember which monday i’m supposed to show up, but honestly it’s really helpful that it is every monday rain or shine, holiday or not. There are others who will be participating more in teaching CHM, and I’m grateful for that, I’ll be there to help out too.

My aim:
Teach the community to delve into the tech space. (specifically: Internet of things )
Show people it’s possible to fix things rather than throw away or replace.
Connect people with others in order to work together on some of the hardest things in tech besides A.I.

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Love it. Thanks Robert! We should indeed send over our meetup page and all the lovely educational events like Circuit Hacking Mondays!

I mostly find that volunteering at Free Code Camp keeps me grounded and sane also. :slight_smile:

Video of the space posted by @themanmaran

The Landlord accepted $9k/month, 10 year lease. 3% increase per year.

Lease to be sent over tomorrow or Monday. (March 13-17 2020)


IMHO, I think this is going to be our best bet…A bit complex, a bit more / month but I vow to bring more to Noisebridge:

My Donations
Getting others to donate via teaching them.
Emailing people about Million Dollar Toilet: that new MDT on the streets and in homes…
And helping make the most ridiculous video(read as: professional sales video for the new form of advertising that is going to sweep the nation.) for MDT to put on whatever site we use to raise a “shit” ton of money.

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FYI I’ve started a #inspection thread, meaning you must be logged in to see and participate in the conversation.

I expect most all of the info in the thread to ultimately be public or otherwise accessible, however I believe maintaining some level of privacy until consent is provided by other parties is appropriate.


Daily M-F briefings are being held at 4:44p via https://nsa.bench.supply/inspection

360 video tour: https://youtu.be/k7uP77GRvHc

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Thanks for the video tour, this was super helpful!