Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon 2020

Hello Noisebridgers

I am excited to share that this Saturday is Aaron Swartz Day International Hackathon 2020 from 10AM PST to about 8PM PST. It is a really fun hackathon to join or watch if you care about the state of digital rights, freedom of information, activism, and technology.

This year we have a wonderful lineup of speakers which are-

Lisa Rein, Co-founder of Aaron Swartz Day & Creative Commons

What we’ve learned about Aaron’s case these last seven years

Brewster Kahle, Co-founder of Aaron Swartz Day & the Internet Archive

The latest and greatest from the Internet Archive

Tracey Jaquith, TV Architect, Internet Archive

Processing Hype Project (It’s not PHP :wink:

Dr. Jonathan Borden MD, Neurosurgeon & member of the W3C’s RDF Working Group (with Aaron)

Using Robotics for Spinal Surgery

Cory Doctorow, Friend of Aaron, Science Fiction Novelist, Journalist and Technology Activist

Early Onset Oppenheimers

Mickael E, Lead Developer for SecureDrop

The State of the Drop

Danny O’Brien, Director of Strategy, EFF

The People’s Pollster (Another of Aaron’s Early Prototypes)

Elliot Harmon, Senior Activist, EFF

Why YouTube-dl is a legitimate tool with a world of lawful uses

Michael “Mek” Karpeles, Internet Archive

How To Build a Library in the Matrix

Drini, Internet Archive

Library Explorer

Mia Celine, Researcher & Web 3.0 Enthusiast

Aaron Swartz and Decentralization: How Aaron’s past work can guide us towards the decentralization of Web 3.0

Ryan Sternlicht, Educator and Researcher

Privacy and security in the XR future

Freddy Martinez, Founder, Lucy Parsons Labs

Clearview AI: The Shady Company Tracking Your Face Online

Madison Vialpando, Privacy Advocate, Freelancer

When Cops Get Hacked: Lessons (Un)Learned from a Decade of Law Enforcement Breaches

When the speakers are over, we will switch over to Twitch to watch Chelsea Manning’s gaming stream: twitch.tv/xychelsea87

There are also a few hackathon projects that people can join as well.

Learn more at


You can also register on eventbrite here

Or come watch the speakers on Youtube on saturday

Or on the Aaron Swartz day facebook page.

Hope to see some of you online for the hackathon or stream.

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