A cornucopia of goodies!

Greetings folks!

I’m recent arrival to the physical space. I have a number of Noisebridge worthy items that I’m bringing over today that are definitely in the not-junk category.

  • 3 wireless routers. Put some DD-WRT or other distro on these!
  • Meraki outdoor wireless case, antennas.
  • An older digital camera (works!)
  • Keystone wallplates and plugs for wiring ethernet.
  • A full on outdoor video camera with wifi streaming.
  • Some nice chair casters.
  • Boxes of connector bolts.
  • A big sheet of 3Form bamboo resin. (It’s beautiful, I hope someone makes it into something amazing!)
  • Drawer pulls.
  • And more!!!

I’ll be over later this afternoon, glad to contribute some items I know will be valuable.

– Paul aka 1500wordmtu

  • Which Digital Camera is it?
  • In the settings, under USB Connection, is there an option for “Remote Connect” or “Remote PC”?

It’s a PowerShot S110

It has mechanical zoom and served me well through the early 2000s

It’s in a medium sized box. Hopefully it’s not lost Indiana Jones style and you’ll be able too find it!