985 Howard St

(Mister Nobody) #1
  • 6,000 sf across 3 floors
  • $15,000/mo: $30/sf yr, $2.50/sf mo
  • Stairs, no elev
  • Roll-up/drive-in door
  • Two blocks from Powell St BART
  • Says “flex” so unclear what zoning

At $15k a subtenant would be needed. Whole bldg is vacant.

(David) #2

Could be a bit small (and sqft/mo price too high)

(Tyler Maran) #3

Thanks for posting! Cool building for sure. But I agree with David, more than double our current rent ($6,500) and pretty much the same squarefootage. If we were to sublet - it would mean a reduction from our current size - which would be hard.

(Mister Nobody) #4

Do you think it’s likely we’ll find a similar-size space, near current rent, near BART, in SF, within the next four months?

2169’s rent is about 1/3rd of “market” for SF industrial spaces seen today on CL and Loopnet recently.

Is compromise worth considering?

(Mister Nobody) #5

Can I have an explanation for why my questions and subsequent posts were blocked??

Have I been banned already?

If this is how the NB community treats open questions, then I’m out.

(Matt) #6

it was auto flagged for spam. you are helping too much and this is Noisebridge so you were automatically kicked out ;).

the logs show too much posting for loop.net. it’s was some automatic spam filter.