8/30 All Hands on Deck at 2169 -- Truck showing up at noon

Hey alls,

You’re gonna see this message in multiple locations because tomorrow is meant to be an Big One in terms of moving.

Tomorrow we have a truck coming around noon, and we have plenty of stuff staged both for the operation of the super fun RAMP that goes between 2169 Mission and 272 Capp (lots of fabric that just slides on down) and for loading stuff into the truck to drive literally around the block.

We’re gonna need 3-4 people at 272 Capp, 4 people at 2169 Mission, and maybe 2 people peripheral to the truck to make loading and stair-climbing much faster.

This won’t be the last “big move” day we’re going to have. COVID-19 and the smoky air have made physical work much much harder to accomplish, and as such we’re spreading the work out over the next 2 weekends as well.

This means that on any given day, any given person should only be doing about 2-3 hours of work. IF we get enough people showing up. :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll considering coming tomorrow. You don’t need to RSVP, but it does help to know who’s showing up at what TIMES so we know when to surge and when to wait for reinforcements.

You can use any medium (here, Signal, Slack) to let us know.

Onwards and Upwards Rampwards,


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SUPER PROUD of the Noisebridge community today.

At peak we had 10-12 people helping out, and we were all spread out and all wearing masks and all doing our best to keep decent distance.

One really key aspect of being able to work quickly AND safely has been The Ramp. The Ramp is like the hero of the move. Guys, I was skeptical, I admit it. I thought it would be too slow.

The Ramp allowed us to have two parallel moves going on.

If you can imagine Noisebridge being sucked into the gravity of the white hole of 272 Capp St and all of its contents collapsing into 2-foot-cube cardboard boxes and then shoved through a hole in space-time, that’s what it was like to have the ramp going. Freaking awesome.

Meanwhile, 2 people outside loaded the truck while 2 people went up and down the stairs with medium-to-large-sized nonsense (e.g. 2 dozen heavy orange chairs).

And at 272 Capp we had 2-4 people helping out at any given time, which made unloads and triage decently swift.

Thanks to everybody who showed up today, no matter how much time and energy you happened to have been able to contribute. I hope you’ll be back to help again (and again and again, until moral improves we have a new Noisebridge going).

Big ups to:

  • Ben E., photo documenter and bringer of friend with a truck.
  • Ren (Ben’s friend) who drove his truck all the way from Modesto today.
  • Nick Aaron, tireless Saran Wrap warrior.
  • JD, The Deconstructonator.
  • Andy Lemons, indefatigable Truck Groupie who helped load and unload like 13 times, man.
  • David Collier, Master Roadie and IKEA desk deconstruction specialist.
  • Tom, long-time listener, first-time caller, who will be back soon I hope.
  • Evil Dan, Ramp-Catcher at Large.
  • Sophie, Queen of Well-timed Reinforcements.
  • MCT, Elder Scion of the Electronics Area.
  • Physics Steve, brave Holder of parking spots and Knight of the Lower Stairs.
  • Danny Starosta, Senior Ramp Operator and daring innovator of ramp usages.
  • Tyler Maran, Duke of Comically Understated Involvement.

And plenty of props out to Kevin and Chaz who showed up for Monkey Brains even though Monkey Brains didn’t show up for them ( :frowning: ), and of course The X who as far as I know was getting the water working at 272 Capp today.

This was a great day and there will be a lot more to come.

(I don’t mean work days, I mean Noisebridge! sheesh. But also work days. :smiley: )

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