5 Minutes of Fame this Thursday!

Hello wonderful people!

This is a friendly reminder that next Thursday, 8 PM PT, September 16, we’ll be holding 5 Minutes of Fame!

Got something you’ve been working on in the Pandemic? Have something that you show to practically everyone at the space at some point (like, say, a robot) and would like to expedite some time? Would you like a booster shot of hacker inspiration?

Well come to Noisebridge this Thursday! We’ll start a social hour / setup at 6 PM, and start the presentations at 8. For the first presentation, I pinky swear I will show something this time (since it actually works! Yay!). I can’t actually access the Noisebridge wiki (@lizzard :pleading_face:) , so how about people add their presentation ideas in this thread!

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I just tried adding more edit/admin permissions to your account (Culteejen) on the wiki! Hope that worked!

Thanks! I’ll check now

I can talk about the gate!

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Happening in an hour!

For anyone who may be having trouble getting into Jitsi:
password is “5mof”