5 Minutes of Fame (5MoF) Tonight! Dec. 17th

This is a recurring event posting for 5mof, which should automatically update for the 3rd Thursday of each new Month at 8:00pm PST. Check for any further details on the wiki at https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Five_Minutes_of_Fame

Each person gets 5 minutes to talk about a concept they've been learning about, followed by a short discussion with the crowd. We generally have up to 10 people present in an hour, with a 10 minute interlude in between.

Of course, presenting is optional (afaik) and you are welcome to just hang out and hear what Noisebridgers are working on these days.

And we will meet in the Noisebridge Jitsi server here at https://jitsi.noisebridge.io/5mof

If you have any questions or comments, the next reply to this post will be wiki-editable.


Questions? Excited? Feel free to edit this wiki post, or ask away.

hello world

bump, 5MoF is tonight at 8p info above and 5MoF.net

Thanks for getting the word out, I just signed up! Let me know if it’s too late though and I can wait till next month.

Hey guys! Could I access the Youtube account for streaming in the future? I realize we recorded the December one, but not the January one.

Also, what are people’s thoughts on having a 5MoF / projects database where people add stuff they’ve been working on with a description and contact for follow-ups?

@culteejen I just sent a youtube invite to your email. You should have access then.

I got it! Thanks :slight_smile:, I’ll test it next week.

I’d also suggest posting copies to internet archive.

I also maintain this channel mostly to manage a live streaming backup/redundancy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChIcQLJaJyEe146eqBUQZow

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