5 Minutes of Fame - 11/19/2020

Hello all!

I know people have been asking about potential classes and Noisebridge culture. Well here’s a way to do both!

A lot of Noisebridgers are familiar with the concept, but for those who aren’t, each person gets 5 minutes to talk about a concept they’ve been learning about, followed by a short discussion with the crowd. We generally have up to 10 people present in an hour, with a 10 minute interlude in between.

Sign up here for a slot here!

Of course, presenting is optional (afaik) and you are welcome to just hang out and hear what Noisebridgers are working on these days.

And we will meet in the Noisebridge Jitsi server here:

I’ll post this on other channels, and have posted on the #5mof Slack channel, to make sure everyone is aware.


deng, missed it :frowning:

Yeah, let’s do it! I think all we need is a signup sheet on the wiki.

Recurring event created. It’ll update automatically for each new month and includes basic details for the wiki and Jitsi link.

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Yes there will be!

Will there be a 5mof next month? Wondering if we could start planning for it now to save the date. 3rd Thursday would be 12/17.