5-10,000W skateboard motors

FYI here is a kickstarter by John Murphy (he comes into NB sometimes to use the lathe) – if you or any of your friends want to build a powerful electric skateboard that blows any boosted board out of the water this is your chance (0 to 30mph in 1.9 seconds).

Serious question: SF hill bombers aside, do you actually want to be going 30mph on a board? I don’t ride myself (I stick to bikes and unicycles) but I have several acquaintances who have gone down because of potholes or moron drivers. Did some decent damage even with PPE, and I would think it would be even worse by upping the top speed.

I totally agree. I think the 0-30mph figure w/ 4 motors is just meant to give you a proxy for the type of acceleration that’s available (maybe from stop to 10mph in half a second is a more useful figure for city use) … I guess people do race these things though. I’m a bicycle person myself, and way too old to be falling, but if I did skate I’d be more into going uphill especially in sf :slight_smile:

Ah, that makes more sense for acceleration / hill climbing. And racing, if you’re into that.

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Too fast is almost fast enough.

70MPH 10KW board you can buy right now: https://nextboards.com/

100MPH+ 36KW experimental board: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/the-overkill-4wd-36kw-20s13p-100-mph-build-from-scratch/81410/1

Also, check out the SF club that builds/rides these things: https://baesk8.club/