4840 Mission St (Excelsior) Large Ground-floor industrial space 5K sq ft or more

A friend, @Videoamp , is setting up a 2-year lease to create a temporary (as in 2+ years long) shared community space. It’s about a 10-minute walk from BART and plenty of ground-floor space for us.

This would be a temporary (though perhaps longer than 2 years) holding tank for Noisebridge as we build more of a warchest for purchasing a building.

Skot (@Videoamp) is coming to Noisebridge tonight to share pics and talk more about this.


Yay! Im super excited to hear about this space :smiley:

Awesome find! Is it the same as this space: https://www.vmwp.com/projects/4840-mission-street/

I think the big development project involving Safeway fell through but same general location

Yeah, this is the spot.

Skot (@Videoamp ) couldn’t make it last night so here are some more details he’s conveyed to me. The gist is that Skot would like to leverage Noisebridge’s rather stable existence for the past 11 years and ability to consistently pay rent as a way to get a good deal on this temporary location.

This is a win-win for Noisebridge and for Skot – we know we can promise the same rent we’re paying right now (even with some donation attrition, since we have a decent monthly income buffer), and the space Skot wants to populate would become full of art and community groups with people who’d be great fits for what Noisebridge has to offer.

Skot describes the ground floor industrial space as ideal for Noisebridge although it has “crap natural light”. It does have sprinklers. This is for sure a fixer-upper – but so was 2169 Mission St in 2009 when we moved there, too.

Skot says parts of the space are going to be designated event/meeting spaces for shared use. This means we could devote a great deal of Noisebridge’s square footage towards fabrication, electronics, library, etc, without having to think about the added constraint of “how do we host a rent party.”

Noisebridge excels at moving and rebuilding, at learning from our past as well as trying new things. The experience will be a good one for us as a community and – if our overall community will is positive and strong – will likely attract a LOT of great new people into our midst.


So Skot is currently negotiating with the landlord , sounds like. How can we get involved in that discussion and help him?