44 Cleveland Street

UPDATE: My original message was wrong. mid 50s industrial gross means $55 per sqft per year, which is actually $19,000 per month and way more than we can pay (3x our current rent).

This was forwarded from Mark, the real estate broker we were in touch with last year for new space advice. It looks like a incredible deal – 50 something thousand a year (industrial gross), which is only a little more than $1 per square foot, comparable or less to what we’re paying, and 10 minutes walk from BART. It does not have an elevator, but half of it is on the ground floor. 4750 square feet. More details in this PDF: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14gF1kxzv2D9qQgB0d3EnH9JvHSYQ-_LP

We aren’t likely to raise enough for a down payment to buy a new space in time for August. Does this look like a good alternative space in the meanwhile? Is anyone free to take a tour of the space with Mark?


FYI attached.

This would allow for different aspects of the non-profit to flourish in the different portions of the building. It’s also single identity (no elevator to break down).

I can always negotiate a lease termination at your current space if you like this and want to pounce on it.

Would you like to tour?

Thank you!

Mark Gedymin
Senior Vice President

[i have Mark’s contact info if you need it]

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hey, this is right next to my work. I could take a tour of the space with him whenever. shoot me his info.


Also, if anyone sees any dealbreakers with this space, based on what we can see from the info provided, please chime in ASAP.

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It’s so… clean. Can we handle that level of responsibility?

At $4,166/mo we’d be paying less than our previous rental rate ($4,356/mo) at this new property, so even if it’s a temporary home, it’s an amazing deal.

MUG zoning looks like it would probably apply to our use case, and although we’d ideally prefer a Triple Net lease, 44 Cleveland’s Industrial Gross lease would likely include maintenance costs like janitorial services and some utility expenses which might be nice for space that clean. If we consume more electricity than is typical of that building we’ll be charged for it, which is reasonable.


Fantastic! I DM’d Mark’s contact info to Steve. Agree with all the above points.

The half dealbreaker is that it’s not ADA because the only way to get to the second floor is stairs, but it’s such a good deal that it’s probably worth it while we are raising money for our forever home. And maybe we can rig something to get wheelchairs and scooters up to the second floor.

Logistical challenges may be that we have to get out of our current lease early to nab this space, but it sounds like Mark can help us navigate that. Double paying for a month or two while we move in is probably also a good idea.


A couple of public transit options are within a block of 44 Cleveland. (The 12 and the northbound 19 MUNI busses.)

Great coffee across the street kittycorner from it at Sightglass.


Sweet find! It’s a lot smaller than our current space but could be fine.

That’s one hell of a bathroom. I’m only slightly worried that it’ll turn real disgusting real quick; same with the kitchen. But fuck, I miss having a kitchen, even minimally. I imagine if we jettisoned Church and Turing we could fit all the rest of Noisebridge in there. And then there’s any build out we’d need. What’s the electric service there like? 3 phase?

Also this looks to be cheaper than our current rent which would really help with making a down payment happen. Let’s get a tour and present a report back at an upcoming meeting!

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roof deck


I just talked to Mark. he’s going to talk to his agent that’s responsible for showing the place, and one of the two is going to get back to me ASAP.

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NB I’m not sure if noisebridge is prepared to handle a location that will have drastically fewer randos* coming in off the street. We’re too hardened for this bougie Folsom neighborhood. If we moved here we’d be at risk of flourishing.

Just my 2 cents.

*not you @rando


Can you explain more what you mean, @fineline? Not sure I quite understand/if this is sarcasm?

UPDATE on 44 Cleveland: Tour is happening at 9:30am this Monday the 25th. Show up at the location if you want to join. If you wanna contact me to tell me you’re coming (up to you), or for any other reason, I’m at 917-214-2751, and fineline@gmail.com.


@Mark it’s totally sarcasm.

Some pics from up and down the street

So how was the visit?

finished tour. personally, I think the place rules. https://photos.app.goo.gl/v4nynt4PhNYWaV766


We will destroy this place. :sweat_smile:

@ruthgrace would you be willing to ask Mark Gedymin for floorplans?

@fineline, thank you for sharing the photos and video


Emailed to ask for floorplans!! Yeah the floors inside are really nice. We’ll have to put our heavy equipment in the garage…

@hicksu, Mark says there aren’t floor plans but you can visit to draw the space. I’m asking for more details about what the process moving forward is like. Can everyone chime in on:

  1. Whether or not we should move to this space

  2. I think it’s unlikely this space will still be available when our current lease ends. Is there any reason we shouldn’t leave our current lease early to nab this space? (With a month or two overlap to move)

As others have said, the space is so shiny and clean and current Noisebridge is…not. Could/would we paint on the walls at this new space? Run ducting for laser cutter exhaust? Mount large objects to walls? Install wiring for RFID entry? As someone who thrives in a mess, I wonder if this place will stifle a certain sort of creativity. Maybe it’s easy enough to paint and patch it in a weekend when we move.
Location is great, space looks nice, roof deck yay! Moving now probably makes sense if it doesn’t incur a giant early termination penalty.

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