4/10/2020 MetaGuild Meeting Time

Hey folks,

What time each week should we meet up to discuss MetaGuild activities? Rough timeframes are welcome.

I personally am for Thursdays, Fridays (Strongest preference), Saturdays or Sundays right now.

What time do you want to meet on Fridays? I can meet during the early evening on weekdays, mid-day or early evening on weekends.

Did @marco ever get back on a good meeting time?

No, but let’s try to reach him tomorrow morning around 10am - 11am on https://meet.jit.si/noisebridge

Sorry I’m late to the convo here. Still not getting notifications on discuss unless I go manually check :confused:
Pinging marco to see if he has time to meet and chat.

It would be good if this also posted to slack. As well as had notifications as I didn’t know it would be happening that early

is our video link for https://meet.jit.si/noisebridge

Meeting Notes follow:

Let's talk about the new Noisebridge website

Mark: there are two todo lists on the website Github from what I can tell.  Should we consolidate?  Is one the authoritative one?  One on projects tab and one on notion.so

Marco: On hackspaceOS I was using notion.  I should remove a section to remove confusion.

Mark: one person should be the website project manager if we decide to have multiple people collaborate on it.

Marco: I've worked with feedback, both from people at Noisebridge and other spaces.  When it comes to coding and designing I did that work.

Mark: I want to help make it such that it is inviting for others to help make it work.

Marco: Github is certainly better than that for the notion stuff.

James: see https://discuss.noisebridge.info/c/projects/l/latest?board=default

There are also Github issue and project hooks for Slack (used in #rack) and Discuss.


There is a spaces and machines subsections in the main menu of the new website layout. Does it pull from the wiki or something like that?

Marco: No.

If you go the NB wiki, there is a Resource page. I was wondering if we could just keep it updated (Metaguild job) and poll from it for the aforementioned website sections. I want to believe we can prune the wiki and get rid of things as well as update it.

James: Wiki is hard to edit, not very user-friendly. I enabled some wiki-like stuff  in Discuss.


Here is the web conversion tool - https://pandoc.org/try/

MediaWiki <-> whatever format

My whole point is: can we collectively decide on one digital place to edit and automate the rest of it?

Marco: The whole idea of the new website is that it is more than just a landing page, but also a community hub for a hackerspace. Integrate subsystems into the website.

(talking about github repo and issues with Issues list vs Projects/To-Do's list. James says we can definitely connect those 2 things)


Notice how projects are linked to pull request/issues.

Example: merging pull request will solve an open issue and close it.

How do you think, Marco, we should be adding tasks/issues once its running for NB?

Marco: For now, if you have ideas, put it in the github repo Projects/to-dos and ideas.

If you need something immediate, you can contact me on Slack.

Mark: We want to have people be able to find your contact info whenever they want. I'm trying to ensure that every guild/resource has a maintainers list, with links to contact info and such. We need to get you on a wiki page.

Mark: thoughts on guild charter?

James:  https://discuss.noisebridge.info/g

Take a look at groups view.  This could easily become Guilds.

Can we see groups on the main forum??

James will look into it.

Marco: Can you guys help me get that domain access so we can get the new site up stat?

both: yup

Mark: Can you guys work on a Charter for an infrastructure guild (follow the guild formationguidelines in MetaGuild Charter) and present it to me at the next meeting?

James: Yup. Will incorporate things related to Unicorn server management in it?

doing a test: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Guilds/testGuild`
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Sorry Ryan, it just kinda happened spontaneously today in a random slack thread. Looks like we want to do Friday mornings for this group. Except: will that work for @culteejen? Maybe we could move it to saturday or sunday AM/early afternoon?

I will make sure its announcement gets cross-posted in the future.

Anytime for me, though I’d like to include @marco in on this, who is in a wacky timezone, relative to the US. (9 hours ahead of PST I think?)