3D Printer Room?

The 3D printer room doesn’t appear to be fully set up (maybe it is and just can’t tell?). There is power, but it looks like they aren’t connected to a computer at all. Is this a work in progress? The wiki page (is that the canonical documentation?) Looks woefully out of date. If I want to step up and help clean up this space and get it functional (including docs), who should I collaborate with? I can probably figure it out, but I’ve never actually used a 3D printer before so it would be beneficial to have someone knowledgeable to consult. There are a couple of sticky notes to talk to Alex May, but Alex did not reply to a Slack dm.


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There should be several functioning 3d printers.

I haven’t checked the wiki, but @Can’t Stop Won’t Stop on Slack has set up and used the 3d printers several times

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Good to know, thank you. I’ll dm them and I’ll try to stop by this evening and take a closer look.

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I think most of them are set up and working. The computer in that room should have Cura on it and have a microSD card reader/writer glued to the front that you can use

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Did you still need some 3d printer help? If you haven’t been able to get the NB printers to work, I’ve got one of my own. This is the little jewel that I made. It doesn’t look like much, but it works GREAT. What did you want to print?

I printed all the PLA used to make this printer, and whole lot more stuff.

Does anybody else need some 3D printing help?

Wow that’s a really cool setup, that based off of the reprap? I did manage to get a nice print off of one of the Ender 3s, but thanks for the offer!

I started with the original Prusa, then added little improvements like auto-leveling using a proximity sensor, and I moved the filament drive off the X sled. I learned a lot from this project- stepper motors and drivers, PLC programming, temperature controller, etc, etc Also CAD part modeling, and of course 3D printing.

If anybody else is interested in making a 3D printer, I’ve got extras of a lot of the parts you’ll need and I’m willing to help you with just about any aspect of the project…