3D printed buster sword

Finally finished my shelter-in-place project, a life-sized 3D printed buster sword. Took over 200 hours of 3D printing! I used gorilla epoxy to glue all the parts together, then sanded and primed everything for painting. Added a metal rod into the handle for more strength. glad to finish a project for once!

Printed on my Makerfarm Pegasus 12" printer


That’s awesome! What did you use to smooth out the gaps between the pieces? Bondo?

Wrote a blog post on how I went about building it: https://medium.com/@monofuel34089/3d-printed-buster-sword-8e2ea1e6ed64

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Cool blog! Also I liked the Pi Gameboy and the Pi cluster

Yup, used bondo! Initially I tried using gorilla glue to attach a few parts together, but it didn’t hold very well, and it turns out primer doesn’t stick to it. gorilla epoxy was great to get everything fixed together, and bondo to cover the gaps.