375 Alabama St

(Mister Nobody) #1

• Warehouse - 10,567+/- sf
• $13,209/mo, $15 sf/yr, $1.25 sf/mo - bargain
• 10 minute walk to 16th St BART
• Open floor plan
• One (1) double-wide loading dock plus use of another common loading dock
• 13’ ceiling height, Skylights, Balcony, Energy Star Labeled
• Vacant

(David) #2

Looks promising. This one may go fast. Still likely need a partner unless we can maybe negotiate the rent down to 10k/mo.

(Tyler Maran) #3

This one has potential, but as David said, a bit pricy. With 10,000 sqft it is roughly double our current size, so subletting is possible. But we would need to section off a portion of the floor to do that.

At $10k per month this would be a win. I will give the relator a call in the morning and see if we could organize a tour.

A couple points to keep in mind, we will need elevator access, and the proper zoning to use all the tools and equipment we need (I didn’t see those details in the listing)

(Tyler Maran) #4

Bringing this one back up (because others have failed) and I will go tour the space tomorrow morning (9:30AM 4/25/19). Anyone available is welcome to come - but it is understandably late notice. This could be a really good space if we divide it (only rent half) or sublet it.

I’ll ask the Agent tomorrow morning and see if it’s possible. If it seems like a strong possibility I’ll schedule a follow up tour with everyone.

(Jack) #5

I’ll join the tour - I’ll be in that area around then.

(Tyler Maran) #6

Toured the Space this morning:

  • 11,317 sqft
  • $16,400 /mo

Owner is not open to splitting the space, so this is a no-go unless we have a sublet who can take half for $8k/mo. This space would be ideal for storage and we could wall off the loading dock side for a tenant.

Tour video: