2nd Philosophy Guild Meeting Tonight from 7:30 or 8pm until whenever

Hello Constituents,

As is becoming a tradition for the Philosophy Guild, I’m announcing tonight’s meeting again on the day of the meeting. We’ll be in the Hackatorium area doing Conversation As Performance Art.

We decided last week to hold Philosophy Guild every other week on Wednesday at the same approximate time. So don’t wait for anyone to announce it. Just assume it’s happening.

Tonight, come prepared to talk about:

  • Post-modernism and why it exists
  • Modernism and its current position and importance in the world
  • Meta-modernism and why it is being talked about (it’s ok if this is new to you – it is super new to the world)

Bring any and all texts, videos, podcasts, etc that you find useful to this conversation.

A modest amount of snacks and drinks will be served. Bring finger-food to share, if you can.

See you tonight!

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