272 Capp Network Planning

With the 272 Capp lease happening, it’s time to start planning the network move.

Some topics that come to mind:

  • Roof access, line of sight survey to keep Monkeybrains link.
    Ask Monkeybrains to assist us
    Permission from landlord to install
  • Check address for Fiber options.
  • New network core rack location.
  • Work with space layout planning to figure out where network drops should be run.
  • Wifi RF plan.

Some hardware items come to mind:

  • We have a spare EdgeRouter, should be good to use for the new space.
  • Upgrading to a 48-port switch with PoE.
  • Replacing the EoL/obsolete APs with new ones.
  • Given the larger space, two floors, and outdoor area, going from 4 to 6 APs would be a good idea. Three on each floor
  • Upgrading Pegasus to something a little nicer.
  • Possibly replace the old Unifi Cloud Key with a Gen2, or running as a docker image on Pegasus.

New Racks and UPSs:

  • 9U rack for main cabinet (UPS, routers, core switch, pegasus, patch panels)
  • 6U rack for second cabinet (UPS, second switch, patch panels)
  • Re-use existing UPS for second cabinet
  • 1U or 2U UPS, Cyberpower again? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07J49NM58

Switch: Unifi 48-port switch Gen 2 =~ $500

  • 160W PoE power


  • Unifi 6 Lite =~ $100 x 2
  • Unifi 6 In-Wall =~ $180 x 4
  • 10W PoE requirement.

Pegasus: SuperServer 5019C-FL
Key Features
Appliance Server
• Security/Gateway Server
• Edge Computing

  1. Single Socket H4 (LGA 1151) supports
    Intel® Xeon® processor E-2100 /
    E-2200 series, 8th/9th Gen.
    Intel® Core™ i3 Processors,
    Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Pentium®
  2. Intel® C242 chipset
  3. Up to 64GB ECC UDIMM, up to
    DDR4-2666MHz; 2 DIMM slots
  4. 1 PCI-E 3.0 x16 slot
  5. 2 Fixed 3.5" drive bay or 4 Fixed
    2.5" drive bays
  6. M.2 Interface:
    1 SATA/PCI-E 3.0 x4
    M.2 Form Factor: 2280
    M.2 Key: M-Key
  7. 2 GbE LAN ports, 1 dedicated IPMI LAN
  8. 2 USB 3.1 (front), 2 USB 2.0 (front)
  9. 1 VGA, 1 COM, 1 TPM
  10. 200W Multi-output power supply,
    Gold Level Certified

The new location has line of sight to bernal

I checked the lease. We do need explicit permission from the landlord to access the roof.

Original post turned into a wiki so anyone trust lvl 1+ can edit

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Another thought. Depending on where the network core is located, it might be worth adding a second small rack for handling each floor.

Toured the building today, and took a look form roof level, just re-confirming there is a line of site from the front and back of the building to Bernal Heights. There is also an existing Monkey brains antenna on the Capp St. side of the building, unknown status and function. The antenna next to the high speed link on appears to drape over to 272 Capp and in to a skylight.

From the Capp St side of the roof there is also line of site to Sutro Tower.

High speed link and antenna on 2169:

Cable draped over to antenna on 2169:

Front of roof antenna pointed towards bay:

Front of roof antenna from street:

View from back of roof South:

View from front of roof South:

Full view of roof covering entire building and all three units:

Nice, I guess we should get in contact with Monkeybrains.

Ubiquiti now has Wifi 6 APs in their early access store. I need to find some good comparisons, but they should be on par with the nanoHD. But only $100/each. So we can get more APs to improve the overall access.

Thanks for doing this research. I’m interested in helping out with designing the infrastructure and doing the installation.

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I reached out to MB today to inform of our plans. I included the most excellent pictures from this thread for their reference.

@pyconaut and @lxpk could have suggestions on game jam needs for streaming, etc.

We are going to get the keys to 272 Capp this week. MonkeyBrains said they can help us out when we are ready. I’m around SF and available to help procure and install the networking equipment. Let’s conclude on the design and get the bits flowing.

The Wifi 6 APs are still Early Access, and out of stock.

  • We can move the existing APs
  • We can purchase some additional APs.

The Unifi In-Wall APs might be interesting for some of the rooms on the 2nd floor. They can double-duty as small drop switches depending on the room use.

Speaking of room use, has the space layout been worked on? What will go where? We don’t want to design and deploy a network that doesn’t match what the space will be used for.

@pyconaut estimated we’d have a good idea of the initial space layout in ~3weeks.

@themanmaran suggested the core rack should go under the 1st floor stairs as it is secluded and the noise would deter sleep.

The current location of the core rack is intentionally inconvenient, requiring a ladder to get to. It was also intentionally placed in a visible location. This was to discourage excessive and / or stealth hacking and do-ocracy.

Under the stairs might be “too accessible”. Perhaps towards the ceiling above the stairs?

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I’ve updated the AP proposal to 2x Unifi 6 Lite APs and 4x In-Wall.

The In-wall APs are nice because they also have four switch drops that can be used. This is perfect for the classrooms or other areas where a quick extra drop would be useful.

@superq I have a weather station for Capp, which we can install on the roof. My plan is to add a water catch + anememoter so people can check online if it is raining at Noisebridge. I have a spare station as well, which I might donate to Sudo, but could also prove useful for installing inside the space to check for mold / air quality/ etc.

We can run Home Assistant off of the Mac Mini that has been previously running Nextcloud in Rack. This would make it easy to add mold, humidity, temperature monitoring in the space, plus is fun to program into something like our website.

@SuperQ same as the 2169 Lease. Roof access is not permitted except for approved maintenance / installation.
It’s standard language in commercial leases. Meant to prevent people hanging out on the roof, not to prevent hooking up utilities.

Awesome. I haven’t had a chance to review the whole lease. Hopefully we can get permission to mount the Monkeybrains link.