2169 Mission Street

Oh Happy Day (the second floor tenant below us) is moving out June 6. Brian says he has some leads on a new tenant but nothing locked down yet. I asked him:

How much were you thinking of renting the second floor space for? Noisebridge has been interested in getting more space. And do you know if you want to continue renting the 3rd floor space to us after the lease ends in August?

Will report back.


Update: Our landlord is receptive to extending our lease beyond August. :tada: :cake:


Possibly! This is a new development, so we’ll have more details later on. The big question is, do we want to stay?

If we stay, we’ll have some costs involved as mentioned in #new-space slack channel

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How do I get invited to Slack?

This is the exact wording from the landlord:

Hey Ruth,

We have the 2nd floor listed at $24/sqft, triple net lease. It’s significantly higher than what you guys are paying now. Will see how it plays out and definitely keep you all in the loop since you’re also interested in the space, it sounds like.

Yes, I think things have been going well and we’re definitely going to extend your lease. :slight_smile:

So hopefully he’s understanding that we can’t pay much more as a non profit.

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Re: slack access, DM me your email

edit: for people that i haven’t interacted with, the best way to get on Slack is to ask while you’re in the space.

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Excellent news! Good to have options.

@Gaardn does this still include the rent increase, or does does lease imply that the rent is not changing?