2169 Capacity Coordination for Tuesday June 23 2020

Number of people: 2 (+/- 1)
Requested time: 9 AM to 5 PM
Contacts: Dan, X, Mohammed
python -c 'print(103*443*91033)' # <- Mohammed’s phone
Totally Legit Purpose(s) for Being There:
* teleconferencing setup
* coronavirus safety
* moving prep

I’ll be there around 9AM for a half day

Good morning NOISEBRIDGE, this is an update from teh bridge, we are currently as closed as possible.

There are 3 meat bags currently cleaning space, @the, @fnord & @themanmaran

We ask for our safety that no one else enter the space un-announced to maintain as few as possible at a time in the space. I also left my number on the front gate.

The link above will give you access to zoom which is telepresence linked to spark forge and monitored in the hackatorium.