$156,000 from Kraken!

In the form of 17.51337BTC.

Major game changer here. Big shout out to @backus with the golden twitter posts.



I think Noisebridge should make a big effort to publicize this and make it very clear 1) we appreciate it and 2) Kraken / Jesse (the CEO) are properly recognized for their contribution.I think this should include:

  1. Something on the website (ideally below the fold on the homepage) with their logo saying donor
  2. A thank you blog post
  3. Invite people from Kraken to personally say thank you + a photo shoot
  4. Reach out to news outlets to get publicity for this donation

Obviously, we want to show our greatest appreciation to the people who have just given us a game changing amount of money. Also though, I think this is important for FUTURE fundraising from funds / companies / people with deep pockets. We want to show people this sort of thing is recognized, deeply appreciated, and rewarded. If we do that with Kraken, I think it’ll be easier to get more donations like this


We are not supposed to publicize anything related to donations (everything is no strings attached and we dont want donors thinking we will publicize something just because they gave us money. )

Though you are perfectly allowed to say thank you, it can not be on behalf of noisebridge.

Saying thank you is definitely important, but we have a very narrow line we must balance on.

I can explain more in person, but noisebridge has very confusing and complicated donor relationships.

I mean, after the Handshake donation there was a goofy youtube video made to say thanks.

It took a week of planning before we agreed to do that. I think, it could have been faster though, it has been a while and my memory isn’t that great.

But if we agree to do something like that that is fine. It is the issue of offering stuff like tours or events.

Its about handling this as a group of people not just people who can tweet. We need small c consensus for something like this. And when related to donors it should be brought up to the people who were trained in donor relations, me, ruth, naomi, Bernice.

If they can look over the tweet before it is posted, then I am fine with their decision as I trust them.


In order to have this happen, we need to make sure that anyone knows in the first place that these “trained in donor relations” people exist. Is this technically the “finance group”? Is this a guild? When did this training happen? Can anyone get trained at anytime?

Excellent point, Archguildmaster @Mark.

There’s a Fundraising Guild whose home is here: https://discuss.noisebridge.info/c/guilds/fundraising

But this doesn’t get you a list of people who’ve had this form of training.

Where do you think we should structure this information?

Wiki i’d think. I could make a Fundraising Guild Wiki Page and we can chat about what all should be put there.


Honestly the only thing I am concerned about is the narrative that was just put on public display.

In short:

  • “Help help, Noisebridge is sinking! We need $150K!”
  • “Don’t worry, Noisebridge, here’s an immediate $150K, now you are saved!”

This money, while of course nice to have, doesn’t directly solve our problems. I wish it did, but there’s more to it than that, which I think most of the people directly involved already know and can speak to.