12/11/2018 Tuesday General Meeting Notes


Noisebridge meeting 2018-12-11


Meeting Notes are at Riseup Pad ; help us take notes!

Moderator: Matt

Note takers: 1.Mia 2.Sean 3. Joseph



  • David, he him - minister - works on social enterprise, food sharing, and tiny house prototypes - Gabe - first time here, wants to learn more about progrmaming and meet new people -Mark - game stuff, gaming archive, and will have a game meeting immediately after the meeting - Jeremy - interested in software stuff; crowdsourced video introduction site - Izzy Xe Xyr - C++ - Joseph - he him Raspberry Pi, blockchain - Christopher - experience in .Net, iOS, engaged in building communities, socialize; originally from Detroit, now lives in Los Angeles, iOS, looking for investors and team forming - Claus - he/him - writing a fantasy novel, and buying a school bus - Connor - no preference - looking to see what might want to get into around here - Anthony - he or they - promised to write an app for Bernal Heights outdoor cinema - Sean - from uzbekastan, lived in china, works in hardware, came here for a competition, works in bizdev - Ryan - he, him - have been at NoiseBridge for a long time; now a member; hope to help people out; - Mia - she/her iOS engineer at Apple, interested in interesting, socially-impactful projects, wanna learn more about back-end, looking for joining communities, philosophy, AI, making a lightup bowtie - Matt - he/him - works on hardware and stuff around the space, helping people - Bernice - she/her but prefer they/them - GameBridge; NB Gaming Archivist; NGALAC; laser cutter; events-support; fundraising; making videogames and learning AI

What is Noisebridge

Noisebridge is a hacker spaceship. A community of a people who gather together to hack, create, edit, modify projects and/or systems to better the group and the community at large. Open to the public, inclusive, 501(c)(3) and teach classes to any who want to learn. Do-ocracy - can do whatever you want :slight_smile: (Up to limit of how impact other people) Do things as long as excellent to everyone else - be considerate and talk with people to make sure courteous (ie if you are going to use a loud tool) How to participate at NoiseBridge - showing up at least once - hacking at any project either related to NoiseBridge - including fundraising or any project in Noisebridge (including attending meetups, workshops, and other events, and your own projects). Can also hack on own personal projects - doesn’t have top benefit NoiseBridge - be excellent to the community - helping someone else, donating when able to; just as valid if not more valid than donating money


  • Ryan - During discussion, some updates on collaboration on Japanese Cherry blossom next March; GDC VR projects that Noisebridge is working on. - David - work in church with food related ministry; the vegan cheese culprit!!!; donating lots and lots because food is a key part of anarchism; in refrigerator - have personal and for sale items; hoping to find a way to welcome vegan cheese in refrigerator - Bernice/Mark - special guest speaker for game development class tonight - Bernice - Friday, December 21, there will be a field trip for 4th grade students at 10:30 am. Bernice will be here to host them. This announcement is here for 2 reasons:

  • if anyone wants to help out, it will be highly appreciated. Please contact Bernice through Slack (@bernice). - This announcement is to give prior notice that there will be many students at Noisebridge on the morning of December 21, Friday.

  • Bernice - talked to someone who runs a nonviolent communication workshop - Christopher - Searching for iOS developers for a product called iLodRadio from LavLabs, Inc. that competes with Spotify and has social network features, looking for building a team, an IT dep in SF. If anyone is interested. Christopher Presley on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/cpresley1104/ LavLabs, Inc. - Having a fundraising committee meeting next week

Financial Report

Fundraising Update

  • Initial fundraising e-mail (firedrill) has been sent out - Urgently asking people to donate if can - specifically before end of year - Currently reaching out to people who have donated previously in past, people who donated a certain amount - I know 10 people and asking people to donate $10 to NoiseBridge - 10 for 10 campaign - interest from donors; flyers - Shows larger donors that there is a large amount of people who care enough to donate even small amounts - Working with professional fundraises - meetings once a week - Working on grants as part of expo 2020 in Dubai - Infrastructure grant - finding places to move to, rent negotiatons - “in kind grant” - application is ongoing - Looking for people to search for grants: Figure out how to find them with the right keywords, and once you find a grant we can apply for, post them. Then either other people or the people who found the grant can go apply for it. Help Noisebridge find grants! - Looking for people to regularly volunteer - dealing with data, week to week tasks; no real commitment - if want to get involved that’s a great way to do it - NoiseBridge is a nonprofit - people can write off part of their taxes; donations can be in money or in goods – check out the donation pages on our Wiki - companies can also match your grants (Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.) if you donate, they will match the donation - Also the demographic survey has been posted to our MeetUp page. Fill it out! It helps with us winning grants! The in-person link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HFC3CV5

  • Donors do not get to mark Noisebridge with their advertising (ala the walls of wealthy people’s names at museums). Donors are not investors. They get nothing for their donations other than a smile. (And the indirect benefit of helping their workers grow tech skills.)


  • NoiseBridge has a couple concepts of Membership - Members (capital M Members) take a pledge to NoiseBridge - not to be taken lightly - Asked by Members to apply - Members look after space in sense of not just cleaning, but also direction - ability to pause large decisions - called a block, and members have a power that no one else has because of interest have of protecting people in space - Need two existing members to sponsor your application - 4 week process of review (But realistically, you’ve been involved for much longer. People need to know and trust you.) - 2 week oh sh*t period (haha) - where can be retroactively blocked - 1 current membership application - not here - currently in week 8 - Ryan - coming to NoiseBridge for 4 years; just became a Member this year; it’s not a goal you should strive for; won’t give status, will really only make it so relied upon to keep NoiseBridge safe/doesn’t burn itself to ground - Everyone here aims to Be Excellent to each other. Being Excellent is the one rule. You don’t need to be a Member to be part of the community. Just Be Excellent. - Always want to have a couple members present especially during fundraising/decisions that will affect future of NoiseBridge - Keep the community as a whole and safe is one of the main responsibilities of a member. - Don’t want community to have to worry about NoiseBridge not being here


  • A Philanthropist is someone who has been around noisebridge for a bit, and some people know and trust them - Proven themselves to be useful to space - Do things for NoiseBridge - Should be taking interest in cleanliness and operations of space - A responsbility because have 24 hour access to spce - have to close and make sure comfortable with asking people to leave - Have ability to open the door - must give tour to new person - Must then be trained to give a tour - If not comfortable just dont open door - If you are the last one here, you should make sure to close the door and windows, ask/wait everyone in to leave first - Can grant and re-up 30-day access tokens (tokens let people come in and enter the door during open hours) - People who you grant tokens to must have same information and training that you do because will also be able to open door - benefit of trust is 24 hour access - Trust that builds community and makes it stronger - Currently lacking people who understand that trust → community is currently lacking :frowning: - Candidate qualities - cleaning bathrooms(!), opening doors, giving tours - Can have strong opinions should be able to express them politely

New Members / New Philanthropists

  • Nicholas - new philanthropist; has been coming here a lot; had a lot of good discussions; working on a VR input device (glove) - very technically complicated; has been paying attention to things and acted responsibly; consensed in absentia --Ryan will give Nicholas the training on how to open/close the space and the other procedures that Philanthropists need to know

30 day access

-Discussed above.


  • 2 types - Consensus and consensus - Small c consensus - do-ocracy when have to check with other people; ask other people if they’re alright with you doing this project while the other person/people are present; example - wall paintings; can be something that’s undone; if someone doesn’t like a certain change, required to undo, but good idea to talk about it first - Big C Consensus – Things that fundamentally define Noisebridge (ie where in SF is-We could move at some point in the future. If we move, it will require a Big C Consensus vote to move to a new lease or buy a new building.) - Big C Consensus is not voting. It is everyone agreeing. - For Big C to happen 1. come up with proposal 2. discuss it with people knowledgeable aboiut the space and issue, 3. bring the proposal to a general meeting to discuss it, 4. if no Members block it it will be put in the meeting notes and put online for the members (and Members) to read it before the next meeting, 5. at the next meeting there will be a Consensus decision made by the Members. In discussion, all can participate. Small m members, Philanthropists, and big M Members. Only Members can block. - Blocking a big C consensus item that passes → big statement (fundamentally disagree with NoiseBridge) , would leave Noisebridge if the proposal was enacted - Consensus does not necessarily mean agreement - means that don’t disagree with it strongly enough to block it - Quakers use Consensus as well

  • No Consensus items this week.


Primary announcer will speak. You can make direct responses to them, but if you have a seperate item, you need to go on Stack and wait your turn to discuss. Ryan - For some people who haven’t been in some of our meeting, he works in Japan town a lot, his friend offered a portion of his booth during Cherry Blossom to be taken over by NoiseBridge. Currently, we are looking for two main things in that booth: 1. VR thing which shows Japanese heritage VR experience; 2. Mini-Yoku - 4 wheel drive car ; you don’t control the cars in any way - modify to go as fast as can within strict regulations; Will show these at next week’s meeting; Instead of using the legal track ; going to lasercut track so can add cool stuff on (e.g. LED lights); - Ryan would like to use equipment fund to buy some of these race cars; most expensive ones are $20 - not expensive devices just motors on wheels; equipment fund can reimburse 50%, planning to talk with a number of people on what cars NoiseBridge should by; if anyone else wants to purchase personal cars come talk to after; would like to buy 3 vehicles for NoiseBridge (1 to keep in legal spec and other 2 to do fun stuff to) - VR stuff - Ryan has a number of ideas for what might be some fun VR experiences might be for Japan, but would like to hear other ideas - Cherry blossom festival is in April 2019 https://sfcherryblossom.org/ - Bernice: Is there a timeline? - Ryan: Detailed timeline, Ryan needs to make wiki page to make business cards, important in Japanese culture. - would like to have some email listings - if anyone wants to be a person who really helps out, will make business cards as well if think have time to help out - can contact Ryan on slack pyconaut on slack, email - e-mail ryanrokey1@yahoo.com

  • David - - in regard to question of vegan cheese, going to be delivered every week for rest of year; doesnt need to be refrigerated because it’s vegan; - what to do about food items that people want to bring not for personal or individual use, but just for communal use (can just be for donations though) - just a general questions - Ryan: we’ve wanted more people to donate more food; planning to ask; limitation is that have just one poor quality fridge; have had multiple discussions of getting new fridge, vending machines, etc. - should let people know that have; should post a note on the fridge that we have Vegan Cheese! (and that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated) - Matt: space - new fridge would be awesome; have had a number but a lot have walked out because donated fridges don’t last; conflicting opinions on what to do about fridge space; Club Mate has space because helps with rent (25% of our rent); - Another option for food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and is meant to be given away, is if you leave it by the coffee maker - Would also like to write up and let people know that have free Vegan food available; will get eaten if people are aware that it’s there; can discuss/send out in the email list - 2.5 cases of vegan cheese have been eaten here in the past two weeks - Depending on the absorbtion rate, we can get a direct shipment to Noisebridge. - Have people from the food group been invited to visit Noisebridge to see our hacking resources? We like helping out fellow non-profits. Yes! Invites have been sent out to the food group 300 person listserve.

  • Bernice - nonviolent communication workshop, run by Ryan McCarthy. - Question to community - what time do we want it to be? Thinking of Tuesday? should it replace? should it be before - Matt: Should just be at meeting; send email and let people know that happened - Next week, it (NVC workshop) will replace the regular meeting? Discussion as to whether it should replace it or not. Pro-cool off the Slack issue. Con-Need to focus on fundraising. - Anthony: It is holiday season - how much is going to get done anyway? Missing 1 week isn’t going to permanently hamstring fundraising efforts - Bernice: will make sure to explicitly tell people - Ryan: Maybe next week should plan to have an Un-meeting - Bernice: going to be an hour-90 min; told to (other) Ryan that would tell what time would be a good time - Matt: something like this is very very important to community and can just straight up say this is going to happen - Lets try to not have it go past 10pm - David: At Quaker house, one of members founded statewide alternatives to violence program - might be someone who might help peacewithoutend@sbcglobal.net - Stephen - Alternative to Violence project - Ryan: Not opposed to the nonviolence training, but we should have them as a consistent time, maybe every week; need to provide emotional support who really need emotional support - Bernice: The last time we had a nonviolent communications training was Dec 14, 2017 (last year) - Ryan: part of problem that don’t always discuss or let people know that there is a small but somewhat involved community for emotional support + mediating; don’t seem to have easily accessibly way to find emotional support; very rarely at meetings mention list of emotional support. - Bernice: Is the list of people who do emotional support the same as the Mediators? Because we (the Mediators) are listed inthe Wiki. - Ryan: Yes. But the Wiki isn’t easiest thing to find what need. - Bernice: Aside from that, I spoke to Alex Peake, who is going to help me host the non-violent communicationa and emotional support workshops once a month from now on.

  • We have an iOS developer meeting on the weekends

Jeremy - Does anyone know an Arp spoofing tool - looking for library; - Ryan: man in middle device between IoT device and home server

5MoF Thursday, speakers wanted Five Minutes of Fame 2018 12 13 - Noisebridge - In two days! - We need 10 speakers! Sign up asap. Speakers can talk about literaly anything for five minutes. - Afterwards people are forced to clap for you, good ego boost. - ie. something interesting that you found online that you can get five minutes out of, or maybe a deep dive into theoretical concepts - Bring all of the computer dongles that you need - Even if you didn’t sign up, you can grab a last minute timeslot - Audience members do not need to talk, so come watch

Bernice - also on Thu. Dec 13:

  1. Indie game dev play testing event by Playcrafting: December Playtest Night Tickets, Thu, Dec 13, 2018 at 6:30 PM | Eventbrite

a. Brief talk on the games

b. Get to play test the game

  1. VR/AR event at Galvanize co-working space at Thu, Dec 13, 6:30pm: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/augmented-reality-vc-investor-fireside-chat-and-panel-tickets-49274433156?aff=ebdssbdestsearch

Ryan - Thanks to Bernice an Occulus Rift has been donated along with a - We have a fully VR set up in the back that is always running - CCSF’s game dev final presentations will be at City College of SF’s Valencia’s campus in room 473. Try games. Not this Thursday, but the Thursday afterwards.

End of Meeting

We had a meeting!