1077 Howard

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Yes the contact is GREG PRONKO: greg@l2industries.com. Seems like a very nice guy.

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So Ben Dunham contacted you? It would be nice to get a confirmation to know it’s indeed too late, especially if the escape room had funding secured. If things are heating up like this we should probably seriously consider moving on that space on Market. Go underground for a few years so to speak. FYI also, someone told me Mark the realtor actually made an account on discuss and can read what we write here. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but just a heads up that discuss is an open forum that we are discussing finances strategy etc on.

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Laser Trainer

    April 16

Yes the contact is GREG PRONKO: greg@l2industries.com. Seems like a very nice guy.

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Laser Trainer

    April 15

do you have contact info for them regarding the side work?

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Hah, interesting to know. Well I have given Mark our square footage and pricing range, so not many secrets here. He’s pulling a few more listings for us to look at.

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You don’t even need an account to read our discuss pages.
Honestly though if a realtor can help us negotiate a deal and move to a new space, that would be really great. I think we likely trend overcautious.

If we accept that this one did indeed slip through our fingers, maybe we can ask what we could have done to pursue it more aggressively. I thought it was our best option but I hadn’t taken further steps to like negotiate a lease or negotiate further terms, etc. I guess I was waiting for someone else to do that, but who?

I think we could do with a bit more organization around our new space search. I think we’re doing a good job of do-ocratically finding and vetting places, but there’s a bit of a missing executive function of deciding which ones to pursue and pursuing them.

(David) #66

Ok good. Wait so where did you get the info that Scoot is paying 19k/mo? Did Ben Durham know or Mark?

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I think people still hold some valid reservations about teaming up with another entity to rent a place that is double what we can afford alone. Also, without a serious partner in hand it’s difficult to devote the emotional energy and time to move further on a place like 1077, even if people warm up to the idea of a lease partner, tenant, etc. Matt made a post about the legal ramifications of having a lease partner or tenant, and it’s good to at least work that out. It would also be helpful to define clear criteria of what we would need in a lease partner, assuming they are going to be responsible for something like 6-12k in rent per month.

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Once we establish these criteria, it would be nice to find out ASAP if the escape room people can meet them. It’s really too bad there isn’t a dating app for co-renting because I’m sure there is someone out there…

(Matt) #69

fyi I didn’t mean to say those criteria all matter (or any), but to start any kind of conversation to plan what it means to have tenants. I have no idea myself, but I assume we need to have them go through whatever we do to rent.

I think we have time, it’s only April. signing a lease right now would mean trying to break a lease while trying to find tenants. in don’t think we could have done 1077 right now, so I don’t think we lost it per se.

but yeah, I do think we need prep. maybe we should see what it means to break the lease if we have to as well?