1077 Howard

(tim) #41

I won’t name number figures here but we can ask for a lot less than what scoot is currently paying for this place. Scoot is month to month and the landlords are having a hard time finding a more stable renter. Even if we offered something more in our price range I think they’d go for it if we paid a couple of months up front. Losing the difference between what scoot pays and what we could pay is nothing compared to not having a tenant for ~3 months or more.

My biggest concern are VOCs and environmental hazards. I think the place used to be a hairspray factory and I doubt the plumbing has been updated since the 50s both things that need to be tested, remediated, and mentioned in negotiations.

(Mark Willson) #42

I find it funny how the anarchist hackerspace can offer promise of more stability to a landlord than the average corporation in this town.

(David) #43

I’m not so worried about Volatile Organic Crustys as they’ve had PLENTY of time to outgas since the 50’s. I’d be much more worried about non-volatile carcinogens but would need to educate myself about what they were doing in the building before freaking out about something that might not exist.

I think this building is awesome but we need a partner no question. If we find a partner I think it IS affordable though! It’s definitely a matchmaking game and will require dedicated hustle. Nothing will happen unless people move, and if people don’t move now then it will be too late. Who has the confidence to contact Scoot and find out what their real deal is? Are they able to tell us what they pay now? Are they interested in renting the first floor? Who has the cunning intelligence to sleuth out the owners and get past the realtor’s $20,000 firewall? Who can help us explore other avenues for finding tenants willing to sign a lease with us (i.e. is there a matchmaking service for companies/orgs looking to co-sign a lease and split rent)?

(nicole) #44

@tim brought up an excellent point that we’d need the first floor’s concrete for many of our fire-danger related activities.

Would Scoot be willing to take only the top floor or top floor & basement?

(David) #45

Good point, not sure. Someone suggested we might want to use the basement for heavy equipment and welding.

(Lady Red) #46

I don’t think going to the owners is going to be such a winning move. Like, if I’m old and retired and I hired someone to rent out a building for me and manage it, I want to not have to think about that building anymore, I’m not going to be excited about a low ball offer coming in that makes me have to deal with this building instead of the people I hired to do that.

That said I think this building is great and has great potential. Has anyone made contact with Scoot yet to see the possibilities? If not, I can reach out to them… somehow

(David) #47

If you have some time please do! I had considered just going to 1077 Howard and leaving a card with the people working there (but I don’t have a card).

(Lady Red) #48

I reached out to Scoot. I don’t know how they will respond - it’s like being told you are gonna be evicted but maybe you wanna stay on as a subtenant? We’ll see what they say

(Justin) #49

Hi All,

I know of a company looking for space. They are a small industrial design and fab company, about 10 ppl. They are looking for ~8-10k sqft.

(David) #50

Awesome. Fingers crossed. I stopped by 1077 Howard today and the workers told me to go to 9th and Howard … but then I went there and I couldn’t see a prominent building so I rode on.

(David) #51

13590 (the whole building) - 4975 (the top floor) = 8615 so potentially the math adds up.

(Lady Red) #52

So far I got a note from scoot saying “we forwarded your email to someone. you may hear from them…”

(Lady Red) #53

@Justin thanks for the lead! I think cohabitating with other makers would be a great cultural fit. Do you think they’d be interested in the 1077 howard space and going in on it with us? Do you want to talk to them or you could put them in contact with me or David

(David) #54

I just spoke with Greg at L2 industries and while they could likely afford it they think 1077 Howard is going to be a bit too small for them. They’re looking for 10k sqft of continuous industrial space and most likely that is going to happen further south towards Dogpatch/Bayview. Their rent has been jacked up something like 600% over the past years by the Exploratorium so they need to move to be able to pursue the kinds of projects they want to do and still afford to keep the lights on. They were very open to the idea of co-renting (or theoretically even teaming up and co-buying) with an organization like ours it just happens that the space on Howard will be too small. They were interested in Noisebridge in general and were wondering if there was a way to post small projects for freelance hackers to work on. They have a lot of experience in fabrication of large light installations and things of that nature but are less experienced with the programming/raspberrypi/microcontrollers side of things and would love to be able to reach out to hackers who might want to take on some side work. Also he said that if a hacker ever got funds to do a cool large scale fabrication project and it turned out to be more expensive or difficult than they expected they said to contact them and maybe they could help out (not for free obviously but depending on how busy things are could help make something happen given their expertise and machining resources).

(Jack) #55

As far as finding freelance hackers for small projects - I think posting their projects here on Discuss, or maybe putting up fliers around Nosiebridge would be a good way to seek help from knowledgeable Nosiebridgers. However, the most effective way is likely just networking with people in the space.

(Tyler Maran) #56

Just learned that The Shop (maker-space on 5th and Howard) shut down recently and has yet to find a new home. The space they left was 20,000 sqft and had 6 laser cutters (as an indication of scale). They have a second location in San Jose where they have moved most of their equipment - but they left a large community of makers behind on Howard St.

Thoughts on seeing if The Shop would be interested in a co-leasing arrangement? Not sure how it would work having a for profit Makerspace right next to NoiseBridge. But I think it would be worth reaching out.

If a collaboration isn’t possible - it is still helpful to know that there’s a group of people in that area looking for a space like noisebridge.

(Matt) #57

do you have contact info for them regarding the side work?

(Tyler Maran) #58

Just heard back from a realtor on 1077. Some party is close to a deal at $20k per month (more than Scoot’s $19k month to month rate). I’d call this prospect dead.

(Lady Red) #59

Did they tell us that to make us actually move on it though?

(Tyler Maran) #60

Doubt it - that was the realtor we met the other day (Mark) calling their realtor - who said they weren’t interested any more.