1077 Howard

(David) #21

I called the agent and he said he is only available during the week so this sat is out. He is working on getting better pictures in the meantime.

(Nick) #22

Alright, if we’re not doing Saturday, then I’m going to call the guy and schedule something for Friday with the guy.

(Nick) #23

Ok, called the guy and he doesn’t want to show the place any later than 2pm, so I scheduled us for then. Sorry for the day-jobbers, but I don’t see any way we could get them involved given this guys constraints.

(Lady Red) #24

Poll for who is coming on Friday to see it.

  • Attending
  • Can’t attend

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(Jack) #25

Lots of useful information about the property: https://sfplanning.org/resource/find-my-zoning

The property appears to be zoned Mixed Use-General: http://library.amlegal.com/nxt/gateway.dll/California/planning/article8mixedusedistricts?f=templates$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:sanfrancisco_ca$anc=JD_840

Based on my cursory understanding of zoning, it looks like Noisebridge would fall well within the operations allowed in such a space!

(nicole) #26

Just to confirm, we’re meeting Ben at 2pm on Friday outside of 1077 Howard?


I have a dentist thing in Concord at 12:30p. Hopefully it won’t take too long and I’ll be able to join in on this.

(Tyler Maran) #28

Tour crew: Meet at NoiseBridge around 1:00p and we will take bart over around 1:30p.

(Jarrod) #29

I might be able to make it over to the site at 14:00. My work day seems pretty flexible today.

(tim) #30

I may able to do the same. Have a meeting downtown then around the same time.

(David) #31

Don’t forget to have them show you the basement! We forgot last time. Also, they say the 3000 sqft basement is “bonus space” however it seems to be included in the monthly cost.


Hey @gaardn do we have room in the budget for $7k/mo rent for one year?

(nicole) #33

Are you asking for $84k all at once? I’ll have to check in a bit, but tentatively yes.

(Stephen C. Young, Ph.D.) #34

see y’all at 2


No, but if we do have 84k all at once we could designate that as our rent money for a year to help with budgeting.

I’m trying to figure a negotiation strategy with this information.

(nicole) #36

I’m running ten minutes late.

(Nick) #37

We’re gonna head over to BART, want to meet us at 16th?


I’m heeeeere

(Tyler Maran) #39

Group tour complete! In short: really awesome and really expensive. Pics and details coming soon.

(David) #40

Don’t get your hopes up but Justin the guy I laser trained tonight used to work for a cnc/fabrication company that is moving in the same timeframe as Noisebridge and may be interested in the first floor of 1077 Howard. I think they’re currently on the Embarcadero or something. He is going to check with them. Is there a good point person (other than the realtor) they can be put in touch with if they are interested?