1077 Howard

(Lady Red) #1

Warehouse near Civic Center Bart, 4800 sq ft. for first or 2nd floor, comparable rent to current location. We could rent multiple floors to expand if we wanted, there are a couple possible configurations.
Rental Rate * $17.64 /SF/Yr

This place looks too good to be true.
@jermops said on slack

1077 howard has looked good for ages, but their ads have been a shitshow. for a while it was slightly different addresses on many, many nearly-duplicate craiglists ads, with great priving & specs but shit picture.

this current ad has the same pictures and same description for every level of the building ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (edited)
it looks like a potentially amazing space… but it just rings soo sketchy
also this was… 8+ months ago? that we were getting the craigslist ads for this place… the price/location seems too good to be true, and that it’s still available adds to that suspicion.
all that being said, i would LOVE to be wrong and have to buy y’all beer as we move into this place that’s 2 blocks from my office…
just saying we should proceed with… cautious skepticism
Pretty sure @mister_name name and i both reached out and never heard back, fwiw… but maybe they have their shit more together now?

If it is true, then it’s a great opportunity.

(Matt) #2

How is the discussion for this going? Is there any outstanding tasks with no owners?

(David) #3

Spoke with broker yesterday and he is happy to give a tour and said he is generally pretty free with a few hours notice. Called just now but he didn’t pick up, going to try for something after 2PM today if it works. I will post if I can make an appointment. They want to rent the entire building which means we would need tenant(s) and/or other revenue stream(s) coming from the extra square footage. Currently Scoot is using the building as a garage on a month to month basis which could buy us some time if they want to stay longer as our first tenant.

(Matt) #4


I bet we can negotiate a lease for a floor separately. See if you can gauge interest without mentioning our goal of a single floor. Why is it empty, who else has looked at it, is anyone else interested but wants other tenants.

I cannot see us entering into a financial situation we are not positive we can afford. That’s suicide.

(David) #5

No risk no reward but yeah we would need to have other tenants and they need to have binding leases deposits etc. The realtor said they want to rent the whole thing. I would love a way to speak to the owner. Of course the realtor is going to encourage rental of the entire building but never know. Anyway the realtor did seem nice over the phone, just didn’t bother to pick up today. Hopefully we can at least schedule to see the building then research more. The reason it’s empty is probably because Scoot is paying month to month, it’s super industrial and unrenovated, and my guess is they want someone to take the whole thing for much higher than what Scoot is paying.

(David) #6

He also said he thinks the first floor is going to be easy to rent but the rest is less easy. No idea what he means until we see it.

(David) #7

I bet scoot is paying very little… like less than 10k/mo for the entire building. It’s sitting for a year now and they’re losing money. If we can get them down to like 15k/mo and a 2year lease maybe the owner will bargain. Or maybe we can contact scoot and ask .

(Lady Red) #8

In general when we move, I want us to expand, and this one provides the space for that.

I’d love for us to rent the whole building, assuming it is all good. Current Noisebridge is too small and it’s being limited by that. The woodshop and metalshop would both be much better if they had more space, and we also need more classroom & event space. If we got more space we could even have room for new facilities like pottery, glasswork, painting, so much more. More space would bring more people, a bigger community, and donations would go up.

We don’t make as much right now per month as the larger space’s rent would be, so we’d have a few months in the red, but with the size of the general fund we can sustain that for long enough for revenue to grow and us to get built out.
I imagine moving Noisebridge over there and taking up an approximately noisebridge amount of space which would be a bit over one floor, and then we can offer the rest of the space as small art studios for people to rent. It will take a few months to fill the art studios but that’s okay - we have the general fund and we can afford to keep the empty space around.

Art studios that are attached to Noisebridge are awesome because you have a dedicated place to work that you can leave messy and know it won’t be bothered. You can have your own storage and own special tools, but you can use all the communal Noisebridge tools. I think a lot of people who currently work at Noisebridge would jump at the chance to have some dedicated personal space there (Kanekan? Laserbongs? etc).
Going rate for a 10x10 art studio in this city is about 200$ per month. It would cost us like 150$ to provide that with our rent, so depending on how we price it, we could offer it at cost or at slightly above cost to fund the communal area.

Then whenever an art studio tenant leaves, we have a chance to reclaim that space for another communal workshop, if we have a good idea and momentum for one. That lets us really organically grow to double our size.

I’d like this kind of thing a lot more than renting out to a corporate subtenant, because I think the art studios would feel like a cohesive part of the Noisebridge community and it would be easy to reclaim that space into more communal Noisebridge space as we become ready for that.

(James) #9

The art rental idea is nice, but also a pain in the butt! Someone is going to become a voluntary nb landlord, collecting rent and dealing with hassle… could get murky.

(David) #10

Tour scheduled 2PM Tuesday

(David) #11

Saw the building. It’s a huge space, much bigger than I thought, with 30+ ft ceilings on 1st and 2nd floors and lots of natural light. First floor has 4 fire station doors and a giant freight elevator. We weren’t allowed to take pictures so if people are interested in seeing it (and I think they should be) they will have to get onboard for another tour. The pictures on the broker website dont do it justice. To afford this opportunity we would likely need to rent out the first floor. That’s something to think hard about but it could be worth the risk and responsibility. It’s possible that the first tenant might be Scoot, and according to the broker the first floor could easily fetch 2$/sqft/mo given where it is in the city. This is the sort of building we would want to buy eventually so worth at least seeing it.

(Lady Red) #12

(Lady Red) #13

The second floor was really incredible there. Great natural light on two sides, huge ceilings and a lot of space. I could really see us there.

Edit: We couldn’t take pictures on our tour cause Scoot is using the whole area and they had secret info posted around, but the realitors said they would send us some good photos of it.

(nicole) #14

What do we need to move forward with this building?

(Lady Red) #15

Probably another tour would be strategic to get more community members onboard with it. We should do that ASAP
After a second tour, if the feeling is that we are seriously interested, and negotiate terms.
They said it would take about 60 days to get scoot out of there, so that’s about as quick as they could move. It would be smart to secure a new space BEFORE our other lease runs out

(Lady Red) #16

When could people go to a tour of 1077 Howard?

Next steps for this building should probably be a tour of the building with a whole bunch of Noisebridgers, to build momentum to actually make this our new home. Please vote for all the days that you are free, and we will try to get a tour scheduled.

If it’s a weekday, let’s assume the tour will be at 6pm so dayjobbers can attend.
If it’s the weekend, Let’s assume it’s about 2pm but vote Yes if you are free that day at all and we can figure out the time.

If you are going to want to have a voice in deciding the Future of Noisebridge and voting on whether we want to go to this place, it would be really great to participate, so that we can have an informed discussion.

edit: Click “Hide Results” on the poll to see the dates in a sensible order

  • Sunday the 17th
  • Monday the 18th
  • Tuesday the 19th
  • Wednesday the 20th
  • Thursday the 21st
  • Friday the 22nd
  • Saturday the 23rd
  • Sunday the 24th
  • Monday the 25th
  • Tuesday the 26th
  • Wednesday the 27th
  • Thursday the 28th
  • Friday the 29th
  • Saturday the 30th

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(Nick) #17

Looks like we have a strong consensus for this Saturday (the 30th). Everyone ok with making this the official date?

(David) #18

Ben Durham is the realtor’s name :

office 415-865-6106
mobile 415-601-4994

Not sure if he is available on weekends you should find out asap and make an appointment!

(David) #19

Leave a message for him and also text his mobile #.

(Lady Red) #20

Turns out, I’m gonna be out of town on the 30th but I already saw it. So yeah, go on the 30th.